If you have researched how relocations work, you have probably come across the term moving fraud. Are there moving company scams? Unfortunately, there are, and there are plenty of them. Moving scams are so common these days that it can be challenging to find a decent, trustworthy business to help you with your local move within Dallas. But don’t stress much over this – we will teach you how to avoid fake Dallas movers. 

Two Dallas movers loading boxes in the van

The possibility of being scammed while relocating is scary for all Americans, but there’s a provenly efficient and straightforward way to avoid these disasters. If you know what you are looking for, spotting fakes isn’t that complicated. Luckily for you, scammers are just lazy people who don’t want to do any hard work, so they won’t bother putting much thought and imagination into their schemes either. Once you learn the usual red flags, you will know which companies not to hire. 

How Do Moving Scams Work?

How do I know if a moving company is legit? This question shouldn’t cause you relocation stress – everybody has some tells, and so do relocation companies in Dallas. Red flags aren’t hard to notice, which makes sense – these scammers aren’t trying to be brilliant criminal masterminds. 

They prey on your lack of knowledge about the relocation industry. That’s why, to prevent adding unexisting costs to your expenses checklist, you must learn how these frauds work. We are here to explain the five most common types of frauds – if you can avoid them, your local relocation to the best Dallas neighborhood will be one pretty efficient move. 

How to Choose Between Many Dallas Moving Companies and Move Effortlessly Within Your City?

Choosing a relocation business should be the first thing on your to-do list. Obviously, the most important criteria for the right relocation business is that it doesn’t consist of a few petty thieves who will steal your goods – and we will take plenty about that in the text below, but for now, let’s say a few words about what you should look for while researching relocation companies in Dallas:

  • They should offer a wide range of services, for both house and apartment relocations, so you can choose the one that suits your needs best.
  • They should have experienced Dallas movers who won’t have trouble with demanding tasks such as relocating a piano or packing all of your fragile items.
  • They should have proper and professional customer service where you can get all the information and answers to all of your questions. 
  • They should have estimates and end prices corresponding to the level of quality of their work – not too high, and not too low. 

We have great news for you – our business has everything listed above, so you won’t have to worry about anything regarding your move. You just have to plan your going-away party and go over tasks on your packing list (and even that is something our packers and movers can do for you). Understandably, you wouldn’t be smart if you didn’t do a background check on us, so let’s show you which red flags to look for when considering hiring movers in Dallas. Spoiler alert – our business won’t have any of those alarming characteristics.

#1 Company That Has No Well-Maintained Website Is Suspicious

Have you ever heard of a reputable business that doesn’t have a website in 2021? No way – this is a red flag bigger than the home you are about to move out of. An online presence is a must-have in today’s business world, and if you somehow run into an offer for a relocation service without a website to accompany that, you better keep looking. 

Even if there is a site, you shouldn’t let your guard down just yet – does the site look professional and well taken care of? If not, something’s off. What good will it be for you to move to the safest neighborhood in Dallas if you lose your money and goods along the way?

Every Reputable Relocation Business Must Be Registered With FMCSA

Relocation businesses are required to be registered on a federal level – if they weren’t, anyone could use a truck and a uniform to pretend to be a mover. Even if you have to move in a hurry, don’t skip the following step. Scroll through the home page of the site, and check if there is a USDOT number – if you can’t find it, something’s not right. 

Additionally, all relocation businesses must have an FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) license. Be sure to visit their site and see if those movers in Dallas you are considering booking are licensed. 

Websites can tell a lot – keep that in mind while looking for a relocation crew in Dallas

#2 Frequent Name Changes Are a Sign of Moving Scam

You may forget to pack the most commonly forgotten things to pack, but overlooking this simple trick is something that won’t happen to you. Changing names as often as needed is a technique that scammers love to use. It’s so simple, which is why those who aren’t careful won’t even suspect it, and like every fraud, it’s based on a lack of information the customer has about how these frauds work. 

If the business gets exposed as a scam, they simply change their name, and it’s like nothing ever happened – simple as that. That’s why one of the best relocation hacks is checking the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration database. If they have a different name on their site and the license in the database, that means they have recently changed it. 

If You Can’t Find Positive Reviews for Relocation Services, Run

Another sign that can point to a recent name change is a lack of reviews, positive or negative ones. Of course, scammers can write a few fake references on their site – there’s nothing easier – but you can quickly see through that. Fake customer experiences and information will sound way too good to be true, like a fairytale. 

We have a wise relocation tip that can help you in this situation. Don’t rely on reviews from businesses’ websites, but rather check independent and credible sources such as Yelp or even Facebook groups where you will find trustworthy first-hand experiences. 

Don’t contact a business if you can find authentic reviews of their service

#3 Not Offering an Online or Household Inspection Might Be an Alarming Sign

How can they provide you with a proper free quote if they haven’t checked how many boxes or packed furniture they’ll have to move for you? It doesn’t make any sense – so, if the relocation business offers to provide you with estimates without checking your inventory first, you should get suspicious. However, things have changed a bit recently. Nowadays, it’s perfectly okay to have your inspection over a video call. It’s safer for everybody, and it can give all the necessary info about your inventory. 

Quick Glance or a Lazy Inspection Can Also Be a Sign of Trouble 

Even if they send someone or agree to a video call, that doesn’t mean they have honest intentions – don’t let your guard down. Pay attention to the person who is doing a household inspection. Are they genuinely committed to their task, or are they just trying to get it over with as soon as possible? Keep in mind that this inspection is supposed to be quite detailed. 

Business’s employees should check everything – from how many packed books you have to how many pots and pans you want to move. Pro tip – if they count items a mover won’t move as a part of the inspection, it means they have no clue about the relocation industry and that you should stay clear from them. 

You must be given a free quote based on an in-person inspection – that’s the only way

#4 Unreasonably Low Estimates Point Out to a Low-Ball Bid Type of Fraud 

We all value our hard work and time, and so does any relocation business you’ll hire. You can’t expect excellent work provided for a low price – it would only be fair if the price matches the quality of the job. That’s precisely why you shouldn’t fall prey to impossibly low free quotes – they are a red flag that points to a low-ball bid type of fraud

The trick is simple – scammers will give you a crazy low quote, and once you fall for that and go through the move, only then will the final bill reveal the truth. Sky-high hidden fees and made-up charges that will burn your wallet, even if you have just moved to the most affordable neighborhood in Dallas, will be giving you headaches long after you have unpacked after the move. 

Asking for a Large Deposit Upfront Is Not a Sign of a Decent Business

If you think rationally, you will find it logical that giving money before the work is done makes no sense. If you have been asked for a (large) cash deposit before the relocation has taken place, run in the opposite direction of the so-called professionals – scammers are trying to use you. You might as well throw your money into the wind. No reputable business would demand pay upfront before they have done the work they were hired to do. 

If you give cash in advance, know that no one will show up on your doorstep on the day of the move. Scammers will be enjoying your hard-earned money, and you will never see them again. The worst thing is that you won’t even be able to prove that you were a victim of a scam – because you have paid in cash and have no receipt or any kind of proof that the transaction took place. Plus, there won’t be anyone to move large items and other packed goods for you. 

If you give a cash deposit, your relocation day will turn out to be a nightmare

#5 The Biggest Red Flag Is Not Being Offered a Contract

It’s as simple as it gets – everything should be documented in a contract. They move your packed dishes, furniture, and other goods, and you pay them. It’s the most basic transaction you can imagine, but it still requires a contract. That piece of paper is there to protect your rights, and trust us – you don’t want to move without it. 

The contract should have everything written down to the last detail, and it must contain your info – if the business wants to work according to all federal laws and regulations, they will ask for it. We probably don’t have to tell you this, but you should carefully read the entire contract – even the fine print. Who knows what can be hidden in between the lines – be careful, and don’t rush to sign anything unless you are sure you are not opening yourself for liabilities. 

You Can Still Cancel the Move Even if the so-Called Dallas Movers Have Arrived at Your Door

So, the day has finally come – everything is packed, and you have finished the move-out cleaning. The relocation crew should be there any minute. Do you still have the right to cancel the move when they arrive at your doorstep if you notice some red flags in their behavior? Of course – but if you haven’t signed the contract. 

So, before you do that, take a look at the team that is supposed to help you. Are they in uniforms? Do they seem like they know their way around boxes and heavy furniture, or do they seem too clumsy for professionals? We suggest you also pay attention to the way they answer your questions. If they seem like they want to brush off your concerns, that’s not a good sign. 

How do you know if you can trust your mover? Some signs should alarm you

What to Do When a Moving Company Scams You?

Hopefully, you will run across this article before your move to your new home and not after you have been a victim of a scam. If that’s not the case, there is a possibility of filing a complaint. First, you should try to complain to the business itself – sometimes, misunderstandings can happen, and they will be happy to make up for their mistakes. However, if you are dealing with a real scam, this won’t do much good. The next step would be reaching out to FMCSA or Better Business Bureau, who might be able to help. 

Obviously, you always have a lawsuit as an option – but make sure you are truly ready for that. Lastly, if you’re not able to get your money or belongings back, all that’s left to do is warn people about these criminals – social media is just the right place to do that. Remember, good news travels fast, but bad news travels faster. Check out the video below to see one man’s experience with scammers and how he approached this problem after his move, plus some great tips he learned the hard way. 

Contact Our Relocation Company in Dallas, and We Will Provide You With Excellent Services for a Fair Price

Residential relocation with us will be a piece of cake – you won’t have to worry about any frauds. Our packers and movers are all trustworthy, skilled, and 100% professional. You will be provided with outstanding packing assistance, and your belongings will be delivered to your new home in a lovely Dallas suburb without any complications. 

Not a single item will be lost, stolen, or damaged. You can also book us for labor-only relocation, and if you want us to move your items to the storage facility, you can use our in- and-out-of storage relocation service for that. We also do excellent commercial moves, so we can help you relocate your office – packing computers isn’t easy, and it’s better left to our pros. Contact us, and book our relocation crew for your big day – you will see that we will even exceed your expectations. 

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