Packing Service

When you hire Dallas Movers Pro experts to help you with your packing assistance the only thing to think about is whether you would like to provide your own packing material or to use ours. We charge packing boxes per item used, but we are totally fine with using your packing material if you already got it. Our moving specialists will explain everything related to rates and services to you. In case you need some help deciding how many boxes do you need, we will help as well. But don’t worry, we can always bring some boxes just in case and if you don’t use them, we won’t charge you. The usual count is that we need between 20-25 packing boxes per adult and between 10-15 for kids. Wardrobe boxes can be also bought from us and each can fit between 20-25 hangers.

Our team of packers will make sure your belongings are safely and carefully packed so they get to your final destination in one piece. No matter how fragile your items might be, Dallas Movers Pro packers are trained to handle them. Not to mention how much time we can save you – on average you will need at least a week to pack all of your belongings and we can finish your packing in just one day.

Reach out to Dallas Movers Pro and our experts will explain everything that we can do for you. You are in safe hands.