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Our Dallas Movers Are The Best Movers Near You

Experienced Professionals

Our moving company in Dallas was established in 1993 and the experience we gained helped us improve our services. Our experienced movers are here for you!

Variety Of Moving Services

Instead of offering one or two moving services, our movers in Dallas offer a big variety of them. You can choose which service you need for your upcoming move!

Reliable And Punctual

Our Dallas movers take the job very seriously and you can be sure that once the moving day comes, we will be at your address right on time!

Completely Licensed

Our moving company in Dallas is completely licensed and insured, and you can feel completely safe when moving with us!

Dallas Movers Offer The Best Packing Assistance In Town

Professional Packing Assistance

Trained Packers

High-Quality Packing Supplies

The Best Equipment


Professional Packing Assistance

If you want your belongings to arrive safe at the destination, make sure to get the packing assistance of our reliable and skillful packers and movers in Dallas.

Trained Packers

Our Dallas movers have all the newest tools and equipment that might come in as handy on a moving day. You don’t have to worry about anything!

High-Quality Packing Supplies

Our moving company in Dallas has all the packing supplies you could wish for when packing your possessions, from shrinkwrap to wardrobe boxes!

The Best Equipment

Our packers and movers in Dallas are the highest-quality workers who have gone through a serious training in order to provide the best service to all the clients!

Our Movers In Dallas Have All-Inclusive Rates Our Clients Just Love

Our movers in Dallas are known for the all-inclusive rates our clients simply love! When moving with our Dallas moving company you can be sure that all the important stuff are included in the price and you will have a complete peace of mind.

  • All the tools and equipment required for a successful move (such as moving dolls, wardrobe boxes etc.)
  • Wrapping materials to protect your possessions during the move (such as shrink wrap, moving blankets etc.)
  • Disassembling and reassembling all of your furniture
  • A team of experienced and motivated movers in Dalla
  • A moving truck that will fit your possessions just perfectly
  • Basic coverage insurance
  • All taxes are being covered
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There Are No Hidden Fees When Moving With Our Movers In Dallas

Probably the most annoying thing when moving are those hidden fees we do not count on, but end up suddenly appearing on our bills. This usually makes us feel frustrated or angry, and wondering why we have even hired that moving company in Dallas in the first place.

Well, you can be sure that there are no sorts of hidden fees or extra costs when moving with our reliable movers in Dallas.

During all the years on the moving scene, our Dallas movers have learnt that transparency and honesty are the most important things when it comes to building strong bonds with the clients.

Therefore our moving company in Dallas remains an open book where you can learn all about our moving services, getting a quote, our rates and many more, with no secrets and no hidden fees!

Our Dallas Moving Company Has The Most Reliable Moving Agents In Dallas

Moving completely on your own can be not only very exhausting, but also very stressful for you. That is why it is so important to find an experienced moving company in Dallas that will not only help you move your belongings, but plan the whole process as well.

Our Dallas movers have the most experienced and professional moving specialists in the whole of Dallas and they will help you prepare a moving project of your dreams.

These specialists have gone through many hours of training and education in order to be able to provide you with the best service you will be pleased with.

No matter what problem you run into, you can always call our movers in Dallas and ask them for a piece of advice. Our moving agents will help you understand how to prepare for a moving day efficiently, how to make a reservation, or how to get a quote!

Our Movers In Dallas Offer Free And Non-Obligatory Moving Quotes

Getting a moving quote is the first task to complete when beginning to plan a successful moving project. After all, so many things depend on your budget, and there is no other way to plan the whole process and find suitable movers in Dallas without actually getting a quote.

Now, since moving your home with the help of professional and reliable movers in Dallas can quite often be a bit expensive, our Dallas moving company decided to make the process of getting a quote absolutely free for our clients.

If you have no pressure when getting your moving quote, chances are higher you will think clearer and choose the moving company in Dallas that really suits your needs.

Besides being free, our quotes are non-obligatory as well. If you decide you want our Dallas movers to help you move, we will be more than happy, but if you don’t, there will be no consequences whatsoever.

Still, we hope you will make the right decision for your move, and choose our moving company in Dallas.

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How To Get A Moving Quote Super Fast

Since we know exactly how complicated it can get to properly organize the whole move, and how much time it often takes, our moving company in Dallas wanted to make sure getting a quote will be super easy and super fast as well.

If you want to get your unique quote now, you can:


Call us over the phone

Calling our movers in Dallas over the phone is always an option for all our clients, and once you call us, you will get all the support you need. Our moving agents will collect the necessary information and provide you with a personalized quote.


Send us an email

Another way of contacting our moving agents is sending movers in Dallas an email. Just request for a quote and send the email at info@dallasmoverspro.com. Our moving specialists will respond with an accurate quote.


Via our website

Probably the fastest way of getting your quote is by visiting our website and filling out a form for getting a quote. The form is quite simple and all you have to do is type the correct details.

What Details Do Our Movers In Dallas Need In Order To Provide You With An Accurate Quote

Now, since we aspire to provide the most accurate moving quotes to our clients, we also need some extra details about your move. If you want a quote that is precise, you will have to provide us with the following information:

  • Move size (number of bedrooms & approximate SQFT of your home)
  • In case of office moves we request a complete list of items
  • Whether there are any stairs
  • Whether there are any extra heavy or special Items
  • Any time restrictions we should know about
  • Zip Codes of the pickup and delivery locations
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Making A Reservation Is Very Easy With Our Moving Company In Dallas

If your moving day is slowly approaching and you have tons of responsibilities on the side as well, we completely understand you don’t want to be wasting your precious time on trying to book movers in Dallas for hours.

Well, the good news is that booking our Dallas movers is very easy and will not take too much of your time as well.

You can easily and quickly book your move via a platform Mod24. Mod24 is very popular among the clients because of incredible benefits you can win simply by making a reservation this way. Create your account on Mod24 and make sure to win all the discounts that are simply waiting for you.

Besides that, Mod24 offers many other great options to all the users. You can get a quote, check out the reviews, and learn a lot about the moving company in Dallas you are interested in hiring simply by using this platform!

You can also book our movers in Dallas by calling us on the phone. Call us any time during our working hours, and our kind and experienced moving specialists will make sure to book your move.

Looking For A Moving And Storage Company To Help You Relocate?

In order to finalize your reservation, our Dallas movers will need to collect the following information:

Also, we would like to mention that our Dallas movers require a deposit when making you a reservation. There are no reasons for worrying, since our deposits are truly sensible, and they will be applied towards the final balance of your move.

After you have taken care of the deposit, your reservation will be completely finalized. Our movers in Dallas will send you a confirmation email with all the relevant details about the move, the moving day, and how to properly prepare for it.

  • Your email address so that we could send you a confirmation email
  • Precise addresses of both pick-up and delivery locations
  • All the special requests we should be informed about on time (for example some specific packing supplies, whether there are some items that need more attention during the relocation process etc.)

What The Moving Day With Our Reliable Movers In Dallas Usually Looks Like

Wondering what the moving day with our movers in Dallas will look like is perfectly normal, especially if this is the first time you are moving with a professional Dallas moving company. Therefore, we are here to tell you all about the moving day with our Dallas movers and what to expect.

As you probably already know, our movers in Dallas provide guaranteed windows of arrival to all of our clients. Once you make time arrangements with our movers in Dallas, you can expect the movers to completely respect these arrangements and arrive at your home right on time.

You can also count on our movers in Dallas to bring all the necessary packing supplies and tools for disassembling your furniture once they arrive. You don’t have to worry about getting moving boxes, packing paper etc., because our reliable professionals will have it all.

Once they enter your home, these experienced Dallas movers will very efficiently disassemble your furniture and pack your precious possessions. The movers will also load everything into the moving truck and take it to the agreed destination.

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What Customers Say About Us

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Brandon Kennedy

Google Reviews

The movers were incredibly kind and skilled individuals. Instead of the expected two, they sent a team of three, which made the process much faster and smoother. These guys were highly efficient and clearly knew exactly what they were doing. I will definitely recommend Dallas Movers Pro to others without hesitation!

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Carla Walker

Google Reviews

My son was moving from one apartment to the another in the same complex but opposite side of the building and different floor. They guys came out and assessed the move and everything was done in a timely manner with extreme professionalism and great customer service. We were very satisfied with everything,

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Ashley Tran

Google Reviews

Dallas Movers Pro was super easy to work with! I had to change addresses because my apartment complex got mixed up and it was no hassle at all. The workers were efficient and very helpful, and I had no issues with them at all.

Commentor Image 4

Peyton Terry

Google Reviews

Loved my guys !! They were such a blessing to our family. They were fast and very respectful with our items and would recommend them to anyone indeed of movers. Thank you guys for great business