Commercial moving

A lot of planning and organizing is included in your office move, so you should be ready that you will need several documents from your moving company. One of them is the Certificate of Insurance that can be provided by your Dallas Movers Pro free of charge. Certificate of Insurance is additional insurance for your building’s property, your items will be insured with our basic coverage insurance as well. In addition, your office building might need some moving in/out requirements and we will be more than glad to assist. Usually there is a need for additional protection of your building’s property, such as elevator protection, floor coverage etc. Leave it all to us!

Since moving a business is a bit more complicated than any residential or apartment moving, we will send you a moving quote via email as well, so you can have everything in a written form. Our amazing sales representatives will explain to you our moving process and you will know everything about payment ahead of time. The better you are prepared for your upcoming commercial relocation, the smoother your moving will be. Transparency is a key to have a stress-free office move. No one likes surprises on their moving day and we will make sure you don’t have one. With Dallas Movers Pro there are no hidden fees when it comes to price! At the end of the move, you get to choose what way of payment works the best for you.

Dallas Movers Pro is a local moving company that will make you feel safe during your local move and we are definitely someone you can rely on. All of our team members are trained to handle any type of your business relocation. Our movers are never coming empty handed, they will bring all tools needed to disassemble and reassemble your furniture. Safety comes first, so we will have moving blankets and plastic wrap to wrap up and protect your furniture. Moving dollies are in our moving truck in case there is something too heavy to be safely handled by our movers. Professional moving team is what you should have for your business relocation.

We understand that you still want to make a profit even though your business needs to be moved, that is why our team will make sure all of the moving steps are finished in a timely manner. Time efficiency is always important when moving an office.

Reach out to us and let Dallas Movers Pro take care of your upcoming commercial move for you.