The Best Moving Dates According To Experts

If you’ve been endlessly searching for the best possible local moving quotes in Dallas, you might not be doing the right thing. Instead of trying to find the company with the best price – try the best price with every single company.

What does this even mean?

It means that if you are moving on a Saturday, which also happens to be August 1st – chances are, you will be moving at even 100% higher rates than if you have waited for another month to make the move.

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The date you pick for your upcoming move is one of the most important parts of the moving process itself – because moving is mostly seasonal, and demand dictates price.

If you are wondering which moving dates are the best for you, and how to save some money by simply being flexible with your move – keep reading on the best moving dates according to our moving experts at Dallas Movers Pro. 

Choosing The Best Moving Date Can Secure You A Better Quote 

There is a large chance that your moving company of choice will be more expensive on a certain date, part of the year or even time of the day. As with most businesses – demand dictates price, which ultimately means that you don’t want to move when everyone else is moving. Because if you are – prepare to spend a lot of money for the same service you could receive at almost half the price during the off-season. 

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Demand Dictates Price 

If a lot of people are requesting to buy the same item from you over and over, and you keep selling the same item out – you will probably raise the price of said item – or lower the price of the ones that are not selling so well. 

The same goes for the moving industry. If you want to move on a Friday, get ready to stand in line with dozens of other people who prefer Friday morning, instead of Thursday afternoon. Even though Thursday afternoon might be $20 cheaper per hour.

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What Is The Moving Season? 

From May to August, professional moving companies are so booked up – that scrambling a last minute move is almost impossible. Booked for months in advance, moving companies make most of their profit during the summer, when kids are out of school, the weather is nicer and people are generally more motivated for a new beginning. Since this is when everyone prefers to move – the prices are raised by moving companies and are usually the highest in July and August.

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Why Are Moves Cheaper Off-Season? 

People don’t like moving during December and January and that is when moving companies lower their prices drastically to attract more customers. The weather is not as nice as it is in the summer months, it’s the holiday season when people tend to spend a lot of money, and overall – it’s less likely that you will be motivated for a huge life change during the colder months of the year.

The Best Dates For Moving 

We will break down the year and which dates are the best for moving. Based on this list – you can try to choose the best moving date for you or call up your moving company to see if there is any difference. Keep in mind that not all moving companies charge more for weekend or beginning/end of the month moves – but it is a possibility that you should know about.

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Part Of The Year

May – August

Aka “the moving season” is usually when all moving companies raise their prices. There is no exception to this rule and it is pretty common knowledge that all businesses adjust their prices according to the volume of demand. Moving companies make most of their annual income during these months.

September – April 

This is when the prices drop substantially, and you are left with a much cheaper move than during the summer. Also, your movers are probably not going to be overworked or burned out – but there is the weather situation. However, most people wouldn’t care about this and would take the amazingly lower rates in a heartbeat. 

As you should.

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Part Of The Month

Beginning & End Of The Month

Leases usually expire during one or the other – but this is the reason why demand is much higher around the 31st and 1st than the 15th of the same month. Also, people love starting and ending chapters on these dates – so that is also another factor to consider. 

The Middle Of The Month

Is going to get you cheaper rates – if your moving company of choice has different prices for these times, that is. Always ask the moving company you are calling for local moving quotes to give you a breakdown of their costs based on the part of the month – and if there is a difference.

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Part Of The Week 

Monday – Thursday

Are usually the “base rate” days during which prices are lower. As less people move during the week, moving companies want to alleviate their business during the weekend by encouraging customers to book weekdays at lower rates. This does seem like a win-win for both parties, right?

Friday – Sunday

Ah, the weekend. What a beautiful scenario: you take Friday off work, have your professional moving company swoop in and relocate you just in time for dinner, and then you have the entire weekend to settle into your new home and unpack properly. That is a beautiful scenario indeed. A costly one, too. If you really don’t need that Friday or Saturday move – shoot for the cheaper days of the week. 

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Sunday Is Sometimes Cheaper Than Saturday

A lot of people don’t know that some moving companies not only work on Sundays, but also move on Sundays. And – they do it at their weekday rates at times. This can be a solid win for you, as you will get your weekend move at a weekday price. Ask your moving company to explain the difference in rates and remember that “weekend” in their dictionary doesn’t always have to mean “Sunday” as well.

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Time Of The Day

Morning Arrival 

A lot of people love to move in the morning and get it over with – it really sounds amazing. But what happens when everyone wants to move in the morning? Yep, we’ve learned the lesson.

Moves larger than a 1 bedroom place usually cannot be completed in the afternoon, leaving very little space to fill up the schedule for everything later than 12pm. Some moving companies have policies that only large moves can be done in the morning – but they usually don’t have a higher price for it.

However – if you have a small move and are flexible with the time – you might be in for a surprise with your moving company.

Afternoon Arrival

Yes, some companies offer discounts for a later arrival. Again – they want to alleviate their morning schedule by giving cheaper rates for the afternoon. Not every moving company operates this way, but it doesn’t cost you anything to ask – right?

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So, What Is The Ideal Moving Date? 

The ideal moving date is when you need to move. Most people don’t have the choice of taking out their calendar and picking just any random date of the year. Some people can’t push their August move to December – and that is the reality. However, if you are planning a move in the future, and nothing is yet set in stone, you know what to do. And how to plan it. Remember, demand dictates price.

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