Out of 30 million Americans that move every year, about 40% relocate within 50 miles from their last home. That’s about 12 million people, many of whom will try to organize the entire relocation on their own. If you also want to DIY, using our seven life-saving moving hacks will surely make the whole process significantly easier.

Using even a single hack from this list will save you a lot of trouble

Organizing a relocation is a big deal, so don’t hesitate to contact a professional to assist you if you can’t do everything independently. If you do end up hiring a company, these seven tips can help you with all the preparations that don’t have to involve movers.

#1 Creating a Relocation Checklist is One of the Most Important Steps

Making a relocation to-do list is always an excellent way to start preparing for your move, especially when you need to relocate in a hurry. While it can be as simple or as complicated as necessary, it should allow you to keep track of all the essential tasks, including:

  • Relocation budget planning,
  • Canceling or transferring utilities,
  • Booking movers,
  • Acquiring supplies,
  • Organizing the packing,
  • Preparing a bag with essentials.
A simple to-do list will allow you to keep track of the essentials

#2 Decluttering Is One of the Most Useful Moving Hacks

If you genuinely want to move efficiently, you’ll have to get rid of everything you don’t use regularly. Although most people are hesitant to throw away even the simplest of objects, not having to wrap everything can make the entire relocation process less time-consuming. You’ll also save some money, as you won’t have to get as many supplies, and you’ll get a much better quote on professional moving services in Philadelphia.

You’ll Have to Sort Your Inventory to Declutter

Deciding what to keep and what to throw away is not as hard as it looks, but you’ll still have to go through your entire inventory. While this might take some time, it will allow you to sort everything into a few categories, including:

  • Keep – These are the only belongings that you’re going to move to your new home. If you can’t remember when the last time you used something was, it goes into one of the other categories.
  • Give away – This category includes objects that are still usable and in reasonably good condition, meaning you can give them away to some of your friends or donate them to a local charity.
  • Sell – Selling your unused items is a great way to earn some money for the relocation. You can easily sell most of your stuff online or through a yard sale.
  • Throw away – A relocation is a perfect time to eliminate any belongings beyond saving. Try to recycle them when possible. Otherwise, you’re just going to have to throw them out with the rest of your trash.

You Have to Use All the Food in the House Before Relocating

Food attracts all sorts of vermin and can easily spill over your other belongings during transport, making it one of the most common items movers won’t move. This means you’ll have to deal with any leftovers before your relocation day. Try to eat everything you already have in your home and minimize grocery shopping to essentials about two weeks before the relocation. You should also empty and defrost your fridge at least a day before relocating, as open cans and processed food spoil pretty quickly when exposed to above-freezing temperatures.

Categorizing your inventory will help you declutter

#3 How Can I Make Moving Easier? Hiring Philadelphia Movers Will Certainly Help

While using these tips makes preparing everything a lot more manageable, hiring a Philadelphia moving company is still your best option. After all, even if you do take care of all the preparations, you’ll still at least have to rent a truck to move your belongings. Be aware that waiting for too long could significantly limit your selection, as most Philadelphia moving companies require at least a month’s notice. Having no other choice but to get the most expensive offer can be very frustrating, so it’s always better to book a mover about three months in advance.

How Can I Move Cheaply? These Tips Will Help You Save Some Money

Besides booking a mover early in advance, there are several other ways you can save money while still hiring professionals to assist you. The first and most obvious thing would be to relocate during the off-season. The demand for local moving companies in Philadelphia is very high from April to Labor Day, causing many movers to increase their rates during this period. If you want to save a buck or two here and there, your best option would be to relocate during the fall, winter, or early spring months. You’ll have a lot more companies to choose from, significantly raising your chances of finding excellent Philly movers for a very affordable price.

If you want to keep your relocation expenses checklist relatively short, you can also opt to do some of the packing on your own. The following few paragraphs will show you how you can easily pack most of your belongings for relocation, but be aware that a mover isn’t responsible for anything they haven’t packed themselves.

Leave the heavy lifting to the professionals

#4 Use Household Items for Packing When You Run Out of Supplies

Although most of the supplies you require are relatively inexpensive, the costs can quickly pile up if you’re not using them sparingly. On the other hand, not getting enough materials makes packing dishes a lot harder than it needs to be, so there must be a way to secure everything properly without spending tons of money. Luckily, many of your belongings can be packed with things you have in your home, which can be especially useful when you run out of supplies or resources to get new ones. You can pack plates and other fragile objects by wrapping them in regular or paper towels, allowing you to save some supplies for the things that genuinely need them.

Did You Know You Can Get Supplies for Free?

While everyday household objects will help you prepare some of your belongings, there’s nothing wrong with requiring some conventional materials. The good news is that you can find most of the necessary supplies for free. Start by checking in with your friends and family, or organize a going away party, and you might get some materials from the presents themselves.

You can also look for boxes and paper at a local store. Most liquor shops and supermarkets are required to recycle their packaging, meaning you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find most of the things you need. Looking for free supplies online is also a viable option, as The Freecycle Network and websites like Craigslist will probably have at least a few listings that might be worth checking out.

You can find plenty of supplies for free at your local store

#5 How Do You Pack to Move in a Hurry?

Having a very short deadline would add a lot of relocation stress to anyone. Once the clock starts ticking, you won’t have the luxury of going over everything in great detail, meaning you’ll have to pack everything more efficiently. The good news is that there are several ways you can cut corners while still properly securing your belongings for the trip, including:

  • Leaving clothes on hangers and wrapping them in large trash bags,
  • Placing smaller objects into larger ones,
  • Securing dressers and drawers without emptying them,
  • Photographing the cable arrangement on the electronics,
  • Packing books and other non-fragile heavier objects in suitcases.

If you’re still not sure what to do, take a look at some of these tips in action in the video below.

Bring All Your Valuables With You in a Separate Box

Most movers will not move valuables like money and jewelry, meaning you’ll have to bring these with you during the trip. If you’re unsure if a mover will transport an item, you should always check their non-negotiables or contact their customer support for more information. Heirlooms, essential documents, and anything irreplaceable should also be packed in a separate box, making sure they don’t get lost or damaged during transit.

Preparing the Essentials Separately Is One of the Most Useful Packing Hacks for Moving

If you dread unpacking on the same day you move in, preparing all the essentials separately will be a lifesaver. While these may vary depending on your situation and lifestyle, you will always want to bring at least a few changes of clothes, some toiletries, medicine, crucial documents, and some food and water to get you through the day. Be certain that you’ve packed your phone charger, as it’s one of the most commonly forgotten things to pack. After all, you don’t want your battery to die just as you’ve moved to a Philadelphia neighborhood you’re entirely unfamiliar with.

If you’re relocating with your close ones, every family member should have a separate bag of their own. On the other hand, household items like kitchen supplies, bedroom necessities, and entertainment devices can safely be packed together. Also, if you’re relocating with pets, remember to bring their food and some toys as well.

Remember to bring all your cellphone’s peripherals with you

#6 Labeling Boxes Makes Several Tasks a Lot Easier

Finding a particular item is much easier when all your containers are labeled, which is why you should always label each box as soon as it’s packed. You’ll also have a much simpler time loading and unloading all the boxes, especially if they hold delicate belongings. All of these benefits can be achieved whether you choose to mark each container with a sharpie or use a more precise color-coded system. Some prefer to do the entire inventory by labeling a box with a number that corresponds to a list with all the belongings in it. Most of the time, writing down the general contents and room it was packed in is more than enough.

How to Quickly Unpack All the Boxes Soon After You Move In?

While labeling will allow you to find anything you need pretty quickly, this could discourage you from unpacking right away, prolonging the process indefinitely. It’s not uncommon for people to have unopened boxes lying around the house, especially if the belongings inside them are not needed right away. Fortunately, there are a few tips that will help you speed up the process:

  • Placing a deadline – You’re far more likely to unpack immediately after relocating if you know you have a housewarming party coming right up.
  • Making the process fun – Putting on some music or engaging the entire family in the process will make it a lot more enjoyable.
  • Doing little at once – Nobody said that you have to open every box right away. Start small by dedicating only about fifteen minutes a few times a day.
  • Removing empty containers – Getting rid of used materials will show you your overall progress and inspire you to finish unpacking the rest of the containers a lot more quickly.
Having company can make unpacking a lot more interesting

#7 What’s the Best Way to Ensure You Get the Entire Security Deposit Back?

According to state law, all renters must get their security deposit back within 30 days of relocating. However, a landlord can deduct certain funds from it when the unit suffered more damage than the usual wear and tear. If you want to get the entire sum back, you’ll have to leave the apartment looking as good as new. This includes cleaning the place from top to bottom, fixing any damage on the property, or even replacing some objects. If you’ve kept it mostly clean, you won’t have to do too much. Otherwise, consider hiring a cleaning company to help you out. Once everything is done, remember to take a few pictures of the rental as proof you’ve left it in good condition.

Cleaning everything will maximize your chances of getting the entire security deposit back

Use These Hacks to Make Moving Easier and Hire Our Movers in Philadelphia, PA to Assist You

Using these life-saving moving tips and hacks will undoubtedly save you a lot of trouble once you begin preparing for relocation. However, you’ll still have to hire a professional company to assist you, and there’s no one better than Philadelphia Movers. Whether you want to move a piano or you need some assistance with packing, know that our team is always ready to provide you with excellent local relocation services. For more information, contact our customer support and request a free estimate on some of the best moving and storage in Philadelphia.

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