If you have decided to move to Dallas, congratulations! There are many reasons why you will love this city. Before you start exploring Dallas, you should find the perfect neighborhood to settle down. We came up with our top 10 neighborhoods to relocate in Dallas. And we must say there is something for everyone, whether you are looking for a nice and quiet neighborhood or something more vivid. 

1. Addison

If you are young and you are looking for a place that is a cultural center and it is close to Dallas, Addison is the right place for you to move to! Addison has a very young demographic, with many of 20-somethings who are renting a home. It is a great neighborhood to live in outside Dallas because it is located around 10 miles from it. Addison is a great place for young families and young professionals that are looking for a new career. After the long working day, you can check one of the bars with craft cocktails and amazing appetizers to relax. 

2. Frisco

On the other hand, there is Frisco which is an amazing neighborhood for families. Many large corporations decided to move their headquarters here, and that might be the reason why Frisco was named the fourth best place in the country to live if you are buying your first home. However, if you are looking for a place that is close to Dallas, this might not be the first choice for you, since it is quite far away. Fresco is home to The National Videogame Museum and the Dallas Cowboys’ World Headquarters. 

3. Plano

If you are an individual with big dreams seeking a job opportunity, Plano is the place to consider. It is named as the third best place to live in the US. Many big names in the business have their headquarters here, such as Toyota, Frito-Lay, J.C. Penney and many others. Considering that the business is blooming, there are new apartment complexes each year. If you decide to move to Plano, you will have a feeling that you are living in a big city, instead of a suburb. 

4. Farmers Branch

Farmers Branch is an ideal place for those who are looking for something more affordable and yet close to Dallas. It is again a neighborhood with a mostly young population and it is ranked as one of the most affordable suburbs in Dallas. If you are looking for a calm neighborhood, Farmers Branch is your answer. During the winter months, you must see Vitruvian Park because you will feel real holiday spirit by stringing up tens of thousands of colorful lights. 

5. Carrollton

Another affordable, yet diverse neighborhood is Carrollton which is one of the largest suburbs around Dallas. It is one of the most diverse suburbs in the state of Texas, so you will try some of the best Vietnamese and Indian food in Dallas here! Carrollton is a very popular spot for those who are coming to Dallas for the first time. It is a very safe and affordable community, so if you are looking for a place to settle down with your family – this might be it! 

6. University Park

If you are looking for a place that feels like living in Dallas, this is it. University Park is ranked as 4th on D Magazine’s list of the best suburbs in Dallas. Quality of life is pretty high here, so you can expect a bit pricier home rentals and purchases. It is a very cozy town that will give you a small town vibe. Crime rate is very low and some of the best public schools are nestled here. If you are ready to live your best life in Dallas, University Park is the place for you! 

7. Coppell

Coppell became a very popular place in the past few years because of its proximity to the airport. It is also close to the Dallas School system here is excellent, so if you are moving here with your family, there is nothing to worry about. Also, it is a very safe neighborhood. There are many events throughout the years, such as neighborhood events and outdoor concerts. 

9. Allen

Allen TX is an affluent city with lots of art facilities, such as Eagle Stadium, Allen High School Gymnasium and baseball/softball stadium. Once you become a member of the Allen community, you will probably stay there forever. Crime rate here is pretty low, so it is a very safe neighborhood suitable for families with young kids as well. 

9. Sachse

Sachse is a modest, beautiful rural community and at the same time the smallest city on our list. It is fairly close to Dallas, only half an hour. Great schools are situated here, so it is a perfect quiet suburb for those who just want to enjoy their family life. If you are one of them, you should look no further and consider moving to Sachse. 

10. Colleyville

Last, but not least – Colleyville is only 30 miles a part from Dallas and it is the safest place to live in Texas. You won’t have any issues finding a job here, because the city has a low unemployment rate. For families there is plenty to do, such as visiting the Colleyville Natural Center or one of the parks in the town.

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