The Best Collection of Moving Tips

Moving is a part of life and whether you have never done this before or this is the 10th time you are going through it, without a doubt it is a notoriously stressful process that can take its toll even on the best of planners. 

While moving isn’t necessarily easy on anyone and is not really fun, it usually leads to a positive outcome, especially if you find the right furniture movers near you.

Of course, the success of this adventure depends also on planning ahead, avoiding moving mistakes, and taking the time and effort to do things right. 

If you’re thinking: “Wow it’ll be great if there were some tips and tricks I could use”. 

Wish granted! Here they are!

These are some ways to pack and unpack faster, plan better, reduce the amount of work, and ultimately have the moving process go smoothly and stress-free

We have gathered the most useful and most common tips and tricks from professional movers and packers, realtors, and people with a lot of moving experience just for you, so we can make this whole process as easy as possible.

Happy reading and don’t forget to grab a pen and paper and write these tips down.

Organization tips

Set a date, a budget, make a plan

First thing’s first, set a date for the move. When you have a date, you will be able to make a plan, call moving companies, start packing on time, ask for a day off at work and organize with your family and friends if they will be helping you with the move.

Moving can get expensive, and you don’t want to end up with a major sticker shock on top of everything else, so set a budget for the move and stick to it. Don’t forget about the tips. Make a plan, a list, so you can be prepared whether you are moving yourself or hiring movers.

To do checklist and a pen

Book early 

If you are looking to hire professional and affordable furniture movers near you, you should book early, so you can make sure they have the availability for the date you need. The same applies to renting supplies, or hiring professionals such as painters or cleaners to work on the house. Waiting to do so could mean paying a higher price, or not being able to get a truck or movers at all, particularly if it’s peak moving season.

Make a moving folder

Start collecting new addresses, rental or purchase papers, moving contracts, and more in one folder. (Consider a hard copy, rather than a digital one, in case the computer or phone batteries die during the move.) If any questions come up during the planning process or the move itself, you’ll have the answer (and records of agreements, payments, and more) on hand.

Looking for furniture movers near you?

Do your research about professional and affordable movers or movers and packers whichever you decide to use. Ask the moving representative everything you wish to know, ask about hidden fees and check with your building about COI, elevator reservations, and any other requirements needed before the move date.

Movers with boxes

Prepare cash for tips

Sometimes you cannot put gratuity on the card so have cash if you wish to show appreciation to the hardworking movers that helped with your apartment, office, or house move.

Cash dollars

Have a plan for little kids and pets

If your kids are too young to help on moving day, the best option is for them to stay with friends or family to relieve a bit of your stress and keep them safe. The same goes for pets. If you can, arrange alternate plans for your little ones and your furry ones. Everyone will be happier that way.

Tips nobody tells you about

Call the utilities / internet companies

Do this as soon as you know when you will be moving out/in. That way you will not forget it and you will have one fewer thing to do on your checklist.

Eat the food

Try to eat and use the majority of the food that you have in your home, or maybe if we are talking about non-perishables that you do not wish to move – donate it. Also, stop buying groceries around 1 week before the move so you can use most of them.


Pack an overnight bag with all the essentials you will need on the move date, and the next day, some extra clothes, toiletries, charges, documents, etc. Also, pack 1 large box, and label it “Open first” so when you move into your new home, some essentials will be there as well and you will have them ready to be unpacked right away.


This is the ideal time to go over your clothes and see what doesn’t fit anymore, what you do not like, what is worn out, and decide what you will move with you, what you will donate or get rid of. Doing a closet purge is a must when moving.

Woman holding a box of clothes for donation

Change the address at least 2 weeks before the move

You will not forget to do it and also, you will make sure no important mail will arrive at your old address.

Packing tips

Packing the boxes

Everybody will tell you that the thing that they hate about moving is the packing process. It takes a lot of time, it is boring, and you always worry if everything is well packed, whether it will arrive safely at the destination and it is tiring. So, we recommend if you can, to get a full pack option with your movers and have them pack everything.

It will save you some time and nerves for sure.If you decide to pack boxes yourself, we recommend having some family or friends help. Start packing as soon as possible, since there is always a lot more work than it seems.

You can pack a couple of weeks prior, some of the decorative pieces, vases, artwork, so you can focus on protecting them well and you won’t really need them in the weeks prior to the move.

Boxes being packed

Pack smart

You can use a lot of items you already have in your home for some extra packing space, for example, put clothes/linen/towels into suitcases, hampers, baskets.
You can also fill up the pots and pans with small items.

Use wardrobe boxes or garbage bags for packing clothes that are still on the hangers, afterwards just put them straight in the new closet to hang. You can put the knives in an oven mitt so they are safe during the move.

When it comes to kitchen plates, it is way safer to pack them vertically than horizontally – don’t forget to get dish pack boxes, already predesigned for that use. Ask your family or friends if they have some smart packing tips and tricks for you, as well.

Protect your items

One of the things people are most worried about when it comes to moving is the safety of their items, and fearing things will get damaged or broken during the move/transportation. Here are some ways to extra protect the items .

Of course besides standard shrink wrap, plastic wrap and blankets that are being used in a move, you can use some of the things you already have in your home to protect some of your belongings.

For example, you can put glasses in socks for extra padding or use towels and linen to protect fragile items. Also, you can wrap items with magazines or newspapers. 


If you are moving a refrigerator, don’t forget to defrost it and remove everything from the inside at least 1 day prior to the move day. It allows you to be ready for the move day and also if you have some time, this is a great opportunity to clean the inside, so it will be clean and ready for the new home.

Don’t forget that moving companies cannot connect or disconnect appliances, so you can do that prior to their arrival.

Measure the furniture

This is really important, measure the furniture that you wish to take to your new home. If it won’t fit, don’t move it. You can donate it or surprise your family or friends with it or even sell it and earn a few extra bucks.

Label all the boxes

You can color code the boxes, or just write numbers and rooms they should go in when you arrive in your new home. Whichever way you choose to do it, definitely label the boxes.

Labeled moving boxes

TV hack

Take a picture of the back of your  TV/electronics. That way you will know which cable goes where and it will be way easier to set it up in the new place.

Unpacking at destination tips


When it comes to unpacking, start with the kitchen, after that everything is easier and you already have a lot of essentials there ready. Also, get rid of the boxes as you are unpacking.

Don’t keep them all until the end, it will be way harder to carry them out, to throw them away/recycle and you will be having a lot of boxes everywhere which is the opposite of what we are trying to do.

Disassembling the furniture

When it comes to disassembling whether you are doing it by yourself or having professional furniture movers do it, a good hack is to put all the screws and loose ends in a zip lock bag and secure it to the leg or some other pieces of the furniture.

That way, it will not be lost and it will be right there when you need it.

Enjoy yourself

Maybe the most important tip is to enjoy the process. Put on some music, order some food, a pizza, sushi, burgers whatever you like and enjoy the packing or unpacking with your family and friends. It will be way easier if you make it fun and you will be done faster. 

A couple enjoying a pizza

Moving hacks are all about making things just a bit easier on yourself. Follow the ones above, and you’ll see that maybe your move isn’t quite as bad as you expected it to be. Have a plan for the moving process, and you’ll be fine. 

By using these tips for moving, you can cut down on some of the extra stress that comes with relocation and get from your old home to your new home easily.

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