Here Is Why People Are Rapidly Moving to Dallas

Did you know that over the last decade more than 600 000 people moved to Dallas? It’s not the latest trend, it’s been happening for a while, as you can see, but why? Why are so many people moving to Dalas? What is so good about Texas when even Elon Musk, who can live wherever he wants, chose it? Travel + Leisure magazine named Dallas-Fort Worth a top place to retire in 2021, but let’s find out even more about this fast-growing place.

Is Dallas the perfect place for you?

Living in Dallas means no income tax

Taxes are a part of every American’s life. Income, payroll, property, sales, capital gains, dividends, imports, estates, and gifts are all subject to taxes. Texas is one of the 9 states where taxes on personal income are forbidden. To pay for services and infrastructure, Texas relies on revenue from excise taxes and sales taxes.

If you are not sure moving to Dallas is for you, this is one more thing to add under “pros” on your list. All of the money you earn there goes to your bank account. The full sum.

Who doesn't want a lower tax bill every month?

Dallas offers various job opportunities

Are you bored of that same old job, same tasks, same people? Maybe you just got out of college and are trying to find a job. Moving to Dallas might be your answer. Texas has a wide offer of positions, thriving economy, and low unemployment rate. American Airlines, AT&T, and 20 more massive companies are all located in Dallas. Searching for a job at Dallas-Plano-Irving, when it had a 4.1 percent job growth rate, putting the area at No. 4 on the list of the best-performing markets among the top 50 metros, is certainly worth it. 

average salary per year

These are some of the high-paying job positions in demand and if not even one looks alluring, you can always find more. The service sector in Texas is having a difficult time finding enough workers to fill job openings so you might want to start there. Furthermore, Dallas is known for being an extremely cost-effective city for entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. Start searching for your professional movers on time or maybe become one here in Dallas.

New, well paying job, without an income tax? Sign me in.

Is Dallas affordable?

Did you know the cost of living in New York is 129% higher than the national average? Yes, 129% more expensive. Now, when you hear Dallas has only 2% higher costs, hiring pro packers and movers to help you relocate there seems much closer than before. This is one of the reasons why so many Californians are migrating here. Impossibly high costs of living are getting tiresome and unbearable. 

You could get a dinner for two for $40 and a night out will cost you $10 per cocktail, which is totally reasonable. Of course not everything can be perfect, including Dallas. Like it usually goes with fast-growing cities, with more people looking for a place to stay, housing prices are also rising. Higher demand always drives prices up too.

Don’t be too disappointed, you can for sure find more affordable listings if you look hard enough. Don’t forget there are more ways to save money and make your housing budget bigger. Start with affordable movers Dallas raves about. High quality service at competitive hourly rates is something we at Dallas Movers Pro proudly offer you. Dial our number to find out more or visit our site to get a free quote.

Don’t give up, you’ll find your perfect home for sure.

Educational opportunities in Dallas

Moving to Dallas with kids means you need to think about schools too. The good thing is you won’t have to think too hard. The best schools in Texas are located in Dallas. Not just for kids, but if you too want to continue your schooling, there are various, good quality universities, colleges, trade schools, and educational institutes. Even if you just want to take a class for fun, there are many non-credit community courses to choose from.

Dallas seasons 

If you are not a fan of cold weather this is one more reason moving to Dallas is a good option. Living here means saying goodbye to harsh winter weather. There might be two or three snowy days, but average winter temperatures are usually around 60°F. Outside activities are possible all year long. 

Spring and Autumn seasons are quite pleasant. Summers can get really hot and humid so many prefer air conditioned spaces rather than sweaty outdoors and possible heat strokes. One thing is for sure, nice and hot weather all year long is always under pros on any list. 

Climate risks

Due to climate changes Texas is getting hotter and hotter each year. Compared to other California cities the risks are still moderate, but you can’t overlook this long-term global disaster. Add this to already existing water shortages and at some point it will start drastically changing your way of living. Texas doesn’t have so many trees and mountains in major metro areas thus risks of wildfires are less extreme, but experts predict increases if the pollution of Earth continues.

Moving to Dallas means you’ll probably see snow only in pictures and during winter vacations abroad.

Dallas is close to other cities

Moving to Dallas opens up many day-trip opportunities. You’ll find out soon there are a lot of interesting things to do in Dallas but if you want to explore more, you can. Experience different vibes and cultures of Houston, Austin, and San Antonio which are under 4 hours away. The big cities of Texas are not the only weekend getaway options. There are various small nearby cities worth exploring like Abilene, Waco, Wichita Falls, Galveston, and College Station. Plus it’s only a nine-hour drive from Dallas to Monterrey, Mexico, if you want to escape out of the country for a while! Asking your local movers for recommendations on where to go and what to see could also help you find interesting places. 

Public transport 

Downtown Dallas is a highly walkable neighborhood but the city doesn’t lack in the public transport category. There are 64 rail stations, 10 Trinity Railway Express (TRE) stations, and 14 bus transfer stations in the city. If you want a more active ride, there are diverse bike trails. These paths go all around the city, connect neighborhoods, provide interesting new transportation routes, and have become an important recreational feature.

Are you in for a ride?

It’s never boring when you live in →Dallas

Dallas is a big city with a lot of different people and an even more diverse scene in pretty much anything. From pro basketball games to hiking and camping grounds. Whether you are 13 or 33 years old, it’s guaranteed you’ll be able to find something you like.


From watching pros to participating yourself, whatever you prefer. It is always fun to root for local teams and Dallas is a home to many. The Dallas Cowboys (NFL), Dallas Mavericks (NBA), Texas Rangers (MLB), Dallas Stars (NHL), FC Dallas (MLS) and Dallas Wings (WNBA). In case you can’t get tickets for a certain game, Dallas has many sports bars where you can enjoy the games with other fans.

If you want to test your abilities, there are many options. From cricket, rugby, and horse riding, all the way to the virtual actions in the Call of Duty League.


Gourmands will have a blast after moving to Dallas. With fantastic dining options scattered around the city, you’ll find internationally influenced delicacies like Laotian boat noodles, ceviche, and sushi, and of course Texan classics like tacos, steak, and famously delicious barbecue. The food will leave you with a full stomach and smiling like a little kid. Various restaurants with diverse offers and different price ranges, there is something for everyone. 

Stop drooling!


You’re still thinking if you should book those apartment movers and settle in Dallas? For all those night owls, Dallas nightlife is something to look forward to. You can find literally anything. Live music, DJs, jazz, rock, dance, or blues, rooftop bars, karaoke bars, wine bars, open mic spots, many dance clubs and more. Dancing, drinking, eating or making the speakers shake with your singing voice. Dallas can satisfy all your preferences. Fun nights out are inevitable. 


Active day outside or chilling in nature. Enjoy kayaking, paddle-boarding, fishing, biking and hiking at White Rock Lake, check out the more than 50 species of birds on hikes through Triniti River Forest, bring your dog to off-leash Bark Park Central or make a trip to the ultimate doggie playground at Mutts Cantina in Uptown. Test your skills through obstacle courses in Trinity Forest Adventure Park or head over to the Dallas Zoo. Don’t miss out on annual events either.


With more people, comes a more diverse culture. Walk through Dallas and take a look at all the murals on the building’s walls, sculptures, and statues on the streets. Find art all over the city and not just at art galleries and museums, which Dallas doesn’t lack at all. George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum located on the campus of Southern Methodist University, Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, African American Museum, Dallas Firefighters Museum, and many more. Have an interesting day and absorb knowledge at the same time. 

Have fun every third Saturday of each month from January to November with Gaybingo and don’t miss out on music festivals like JMBLYA, OAKTOPIA, Riverfront Jazz Festival, and more. 

There is something for children, teens, parents, and pets. Every member of the family can find their thing in Dallas.

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