Tips For Hiring A Professional Moving Company

There are tons of justifiable reasons why people would wish to not go through the process of moving by themselves. It’s a lot of time to invest in one project, not to mention the fact that the project isn’t even interesting. You aren’t investing time in reading more or scrapbooking – but packing things into boxes and sorting things in piles. That doesn’t sound like a party. 

Hiring a reliable moving company in this case can be the one solution to all of your problems, and make sure that your upcoming moving experience is one during which you won’t be stressing or draining your energy at all. People hire professional movers for tons of different reasons, but the main question is how to find the right moving company to help you move?

Not every moving company is the same, and different moving companies might offer the same type of service at different rates, or vice versa. You need to learn how to find the moving companies that are reliable, reputable and trustworthy.


Why Do People Hire Professional Movers? 

Hiring professional movers has become more and more common these days, especially considering the fact that people are getting more busy and simply don’t have the time to orchestrate an entire local move. Some of the benefits of hiring professional movers include: 

  • Saving a lot of time 
  • No energy-drainage or hassle
  • Professional packing and handling of your items
  • Access to professional moving supplies 
  • Access to top-of-the-line moving equipment 
  • Less chance of damage during the move
  • Insurance is included in case something happens 
  • It’s an all-in-one cost for a complete peace of mind

Where To Start Looking For Movers? 

Start with a single search. “Local movers near me” or “Dallas movers near me” are great places to start to scout the area and see which moving companies are available around you. See what the market is like – so you can start doing some thorough research before you call anyone for a quote.


Do Your Research

Instead of just calling random companies and calling it a day – make it an organized task for yourself so you don’t get lost in the sea of information you are about to be bombarded with. Every moving company you call will throw completely different details at you, so being organized and having a pen and paper can help you figure out which company is the best. Don’t call without a plan – check websites and ratings for different moving companies and pick a few to check their reviews before you call them.


Check Yelp and Google Reviews 

You don’t want to waste time calling around moving companies that are not worth your time. See which companies have good reviews, (remember that top placement can be bought these days, so rely on the reviews) and according to them, we can proceed to the next step.


Write Down A List Of Companies To Call

The moving companies that have survived your little test will probably be worth the call in the end. Write down which local moving companies you are going to be calling, and leave some space for information you are about to receive.

How To Get A Proper Moving Quote? 

Getting At Least Three Quotes Is Important 

Agreeing with the first quote and calling it a day sounds tempting for sure, but trust us when we say you are going to want the second opinion on this one. You never know where the grass is greener and which quote might be the best.


Make Sure To Call Only Licensed Moving Companies

Reliable movers in Dallas are licensed ones – and you should never hire movers that aren’t. That means saying goodbye to any insurance included in your moving rates, and if anything were to happen during your move, no compensation is in sight. 

Write Down Questions To Ask Your Movers

Instead of being all over the place and forgetting to ask important questions, make sure to write down the questions you want to ask your movers and briefly note the answers. You won’t remember them by heart once you’ve called more than 5 moving companies.


1. What Does The Price Include? 

Does it include basic moving supplies like blankets and shrink wrap? What about moving dollies and tools? Some moving companies offer wardrobe boxes free of charge – so be sure to ask them upon calling for a quote!

2. Are There Any Additional Fees? 

If they want to add some sneaky hidden fees to your tab, this is usually where the conversation can get vague. However – if you want to be 100% sure that there are no hidden fees present with the company, just ask for a written quote.

3. What Is Expected Of Me On The Day of The Move?

Are you supposed to pack? What about disassembly? You don’t want to be unprepared for your movers on the day of the relocation, so make sure to be on the same page with them regarding your duties before they arrive at your location.


4 What Happens If Something Is Damaged Or Lost? 

This is where the insurance policy will be explained, along with the process of filing a claim. It is important to find out as much as you can about this in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises on the day of the move.

5. Is A Deposit Required? 

You will want to know if it’s required and how much is the deposit. Being aware of your moving expenses is vital to a happy move. When do you need to lay the deposit? How is the deposit applied? Is it refunded or deducted from the total amount? 

6. What Is The Cancellation Policy?

If you are in the scenario where your move is on a rocky road and there might be some changes to your life’s plans – you need to know whether your deposit will be lost or refunded. The same goes for rescheduling your move. Find out everything you can about their cancellation policy, and ask if there are any penalties.


7. Are There Any Storage Options Available? 

If you need the option of temporarily storing your belongings, you will probably want a company that does both moving and storing. If they don’t provide it, surely they can recommend a storage facility that they’ve worked with and had a positive experience.

8. Are There Any Discounts Currently Active? 

We all want to save money as much as we can, and it definitely doesn’t hurt to ask about any discounts. 


Additional Tips For Hiring Professional Movers

Hire Your Movers For A Random Weekday

It will be much cheaper to hire movers for a Tuesday, than Saturday. This is due to the fact that moving companies get very booked over the weekends, and weekdays simply aren’t just as popular. If you are flexible with your move date – be sure to hire your movers for a random weekday and secure cheaper rates.


Reserve Your Move 3-6 Weeks In Advance 

Depending on the season of course. The closer you are to summertime – aka “the moving season”, the more in advance you will want to call your movers. 

Disassemble And Wrap Your Furniture To Save Money

This is in no means necessary unless your moving company requires it. However, it can speed up your move a lot and additionally save you some cash during the process. If you have some time to waste – prepare as much for your movers as possible to save money in the long run.


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