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N Floyd RD / W Arapaho Rd. In most communities, you can see old, new and derelict buildings, homes from different periods, but this area stands out because all residential real estates are built between 1940 and 1969. This neighborhood often coincides with Baby Boomers who grew up in these homes. This is one of the wealthiest areas in Richardson and if you are a manager, executive or some director and you can afford to live luxuriously, this is the area you should consider.

N Jupiter Rd / E Campbell Rd. This is another wealthier area which is a home of many educated people, executives and company heads who often chose to live here when they retire. Besides white-collar workers, this neighborhood is perfect for families with school-aged kids, or college students. It is interesting to mention that there are citizens in this area with Iranian ancestry and most of them speak Persian.

City Center. In this neighborhood, you will find that almost half of its population works in management and large enterprises, but there is a lot of people who are in service jobs, from sales accounts to working in fast food restaurants. You will hear different languages here from English to Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. Most of the residents here are driving private automobiles, while others walk, or take a bus or a train.

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About Richardson

As you already know, Richardson, a principal city in Dallas has a lot to offer. Richardson is an inner suburb of Dallas and the home of The University of Texas at Dallas as well as the Telecom Corridor and other major telecommunications companies. Overall, the climate in Richardson is usually hot with humid summers and mild to cold winters. When it comes to the transportation, Richardson benefits from the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Light Rail line.

Richardson in general is an interesting city to live and if you are looking for a job, you might consider moving here. The reason we say that is because Richardson hosts a lot of big companies including State Farm Insurance, AT&T Inc., Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, GEICO etc. You can find more information about the city here.

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5Dallas Movers Pro reviews star

on 12-15-2017

Dallas, TX to Lewisville, TX

I have used Dallas Movers Pro for two recent moves, and they are awesome. For my most recent move, Colby and Wilson helped me move from an apartment to my new house. They were able to move everything, including clearing out a storage unit and disassembling and reassembling furniture, in three hours flat. They were fast, safe and professional. I highly recommend this company.

5Dallas Movers Pro reviews star

on 07-26-2017

Dallas, TX to Austin, TX

didn't really plan on hiring a moving company considering I'm moving into a small apartment but quickly realized I had a lot more furniture than I could handle by myself. This was my first big move so i was really freaking out about what it was going to cost me and if i could trust other people to not damage all the new furniture i just bought. I was really surprised and pleased when the DMP guys showed up and did everything for me in a really efficient manner while still showing special care for my things! My previous experiences moving have been stressful and hard but DMP made the dreadful task of moving a million times easier on me. All my furniture and personal belongings arrived free from any damage and I barely had to lift a finger. Definitely recommend calling these guys for your next move

5Dallas Movers Pro reviews star

on 07-10-2017

Dallas, TX to Carrollton, TX

Great experience! The amount I paid matched the quote, and it was a competitive price, as I did shop around. The took care of everything, and even moved some existing furniture around for me. We have used them twice now, and the first crew (Mike, Brandon, and Frank) took care of us, and all our stuff was picked up and dropped off without any damages. Our second experience was just as positive (Brandon, Mike T, and Drake). What I really appreciated was that they made me relax and feel confident about a very stressful situation. Zita C. and 1 other voted for this review

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