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City Center. This is one of the older neighborhoods in the city, and most of the residencies are older and well established, dating between 1940 and 1969. There are also newer residencies, but the first thing people notice is a peculiar look of the area and a particular character. For instance, the area is filled with shop signs written in multiple languages. City Center is meant for people of all ages.

Rochelle Blvd / Hidalgo St. This area is one of the wealthiest communities in the entire nation, which means that real estate here is well-maintained whereas cars you will see on the streets are luxury brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, and Audi. It is a peaceful neighborhood and crime rates are extremely low. Also, there are a lot of married couples here, so this may be the great place to meet other people.

N Macarthur Blvd / Waterside Dr. This area is another peaceful place in Irving, TX but it is different from the other areas because most of the residents have Asian and Iranian ancestry. Moreover, this area is great if you are looking to go to work with your bicycle and you should not be surprised to see the other people on their bikes.

E Grauwyler RD / Richland St. Unlike the aforementioned neighborhood, this one is not as expensive. First of all, you will find vacant houses which indicate that there is a weak demand for real estate here. This is the territory which has more Mexican ancestry people living in it than in any other US neighborhood. People are predominantly work in manufacturing and as laborers and despite the loss of manufacturing jobs across the entire nation this place remains alive in that aspect.

Did you decide to change your neighborhood? Do you want to move, but continue to live in the city of Irving, a suburb of Dallas TX? It is entirely reasonable, and a lot of people love the cities in which they have spent most or even all of their lives. However, now and then, change is necessary and sometimes relocating to a different neighborhood can make your life better. This is where local movers kick in.

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Dallas Movers Pro is a company established with the thought of helping people throughout a stressful process of moving. There are dozens of companies which have great workers, trucks, and offices, but what separates us from the rest is trust we build with our customers. Every member of our staff has the mindset of serving the customer and taking care of his needs, and when clients opt for our company, their only job is to feel comfortable and relax.

We fully understand that living in a world today is difficult and finding the perfect timing to move is always tricky. Once you believe that you have found a room in your schedule, you realize that moving is even tougher when the whole process begins. There are just so many things that you need to take into consideration, and we convince you that if you are doing this on your own, at one point during the process, you are going to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. That is why the best thing is to hire professional movers.

What you need is a team that is reliable, fast and that it takes care of not only your things but also your needs. Dallas Movers Pro is all this, but also so much more. We treat each client with utmost respect, and each client is unique to us. We ensure you that there are no hidden costs and you can depend on us with your full trust and confidence because we will finish our job on time and the best way possible. We are well aware of the fact that changing neighborhoods can be a bother and that is why we are here – to make this process easy and quick.

Dallas Movers Pro offers Residential Moving Services, Corporate Moving Services, professional packing and unpacking, loading and unloading and free moving price estimate. We assure you that all of your belongings will be safely delivered to your new location without any damage. Furthermore, professionals who work at Dallas Movers Pro are punctual, friendly and they will always support you throughout the entire process. All we want you to do is take the first step, tell us the location and we will take care of the rest.

Residential and Corporate Moving Services both require careful planning and we want to make sure that your delicate things or your business don’t get affected. Speaking of Corporate Moving Services, the entire process has to be efficient so that you can continue working without wasting your valuable time. We are well aware that a minor mistake on our part can mean so much to you and it can sometimes affect your business negatively, and this is why we extremely devoted and professional when we are moving your business.

About Irving, TX

Have you considered in which part of Irving, TX do you want to move? Irving offers a lot of friendly neighborhood, which you already know.

Are you ready to move? Then call us today, and Dallas Movers Pro will get started immediately. We will make sure that everything goes according to plan and that you are treated with nothing but respect and care. We are going to relocate your things efficiently, but we will not forget about you during the entire process. Let’s get your relocation underway!



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5Dallas Movers Pro reviews star

on 03-26-2018

Dallas, TX to Dallas, TX

My experience with this company was excellent. I received an all-inclusive rate over the phone and in the end there were no hidden fees. I paid exactly what I was quoted. The 2 men who moved my things were polite, quick, and helpful. Everything went well and my things arrived in great condition. I have no complaints at all.

5Dallas Movers Pro reviews star

on 01-19-2018

Dallas, TX to Denver, CO

My experience with this company was pretty good. I called Dallas Pro Movers after Bellhops cancelled on me just an hour before my move. They were able to quickly get me on the schedule for the following day early in the morning. The movers showed up early and were diligent about moving things. The entire move from start to finish was an hour and 45 minutes. The price was really reasonable and most importantly they're reliable. I'd go with this company again.

5Dallas Movers Pro reviews star

on 07-16-2017

Dallas, TX to Sachse, TX

Great company - professional and well done. I read some of the negative reviews on here and did it witness any of the things that people complained about. Francisco, Darwin and Bailey did an amazing job. Very polite and did not waste any time. Remembered where/what our boxes were and got our move done in less than 3 hours despite the fact that we had TONS of boxes (15 minute drive in there too). They come well prepared, treated our belongings and items as if they were their own. I stopped unpacking things to write this review to let y'all know how great the experience was. Thanks guys! Will use this company again and you should too.

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