How to Find Reliable Movers?

Changing houses, apartments, or office spaces, with so many things you’re not even aware you have until you start packing, can get quite exhausting and overwhelming. Thinking that hiring Dallas local movers will ease up the process and help you get through everything smoothly and in the end ending up scammed by some shady moving company can be the last drop you’ll be able to take. It doesn’t have to be that way. Thankfully there are more precaution measures you can take to avoid this awful situation. Let’s get into it.

You don’t want to leave your things to just anyone

Get multiple moving quotes from Dallas movers

What is a local moving quote?

If this is your first time moving you might not know what a moving quote even is so let’s make that clear right away. A moving quote is an estimate that a moving company gives you on how much your entire move will cost you. With this upfront knowledge, you can set up a realistic budget and organize your move before actually hiring professional movers. You can decide if you really need the service and more importantly, can you pay for it.

Types of local moving quotes?

This is where you want to pay attention. Moving companies can give different types of quotes and each one can affect the final cost at the end.

types of local moving quotes

Why get more than 2 moving quotes?

This is the entire wisdom on how to find reliable Dallas local movers. First, you have to search for them and then search even more. Prepare yourself for a talking session. Call at least 4 different moving companies, ask about their services and request in-home estimates from a few, as they are the most accurate.

When you have more information you can make a better decision. Getting multiple quotes means you’ll have a wider range of offers to choose from. Chances of finding professional yet affordable movers that can satisfy all your needs and requests will be much higher. Also, maybe the most important reason, you’ll be able to compare the offers as well as how each moving company operates. So, what kind of info do you need to acquire through those calls? Let’s go to number 2 on how to find reliable movers to find out.

Call, ask questions, write down the answers and compare them at the end

Find these out before you hire local movers in Dallas

Are they offering the service you need?

Why waste time asking all the questions if these Dallas local movers don’t even offer the service you need. This is especially important if you are looking for same-day movers or last-minute movers. You don’t have extra time to lose on someone who can’t help you at all.

Whether you need apartment movers, commercial movers, or additional storage, you first want to know if that’s even an option before getting onto any special requests you might have. Be very specific with what you want and need and listen carefully to what each relocation specialist is saying and how. Don’t forget to write down all the important info you acquired.

Is this company insured and licensed?

You don’t want to involve yourself with illegally run moving companies. Every professional business needs to be registered with the state in order to operate. When the legal license is acquired the moving company should have a license number to prove it. Make sure to check it out on their website, business card, or with the relocation specialist, and in case you can’t find it, you know who NOT to hire.

Insurance is your guarantee for a stressless and smooth move. Even though experienced and trained, humans are still humans. There is always a possibility of mistakes happening and if they happen during your move, insurance will take care of it. Every damaged object or part of the building/house will be compensated for. Additionally, some landlords require you to deliver proof of the said insurance before you could even begin with the process.

Some large and heavy objects like pianos or grandfather clocks require totally separate and specially adapted service for a successful relocation

Are the movers in Dallas professionally trained?

You’ll want to make sure you are leaving your things in hands that know how to handle them. It’s enough that strangers are moving your belongings, you don’t want them to be clumsy too. Every reliable moving company is training their future professional movers before sending them to action. From how to protect and carefully pack your items to how to successfully move them from point A to point B.

When it comes to weirdly shaped, big, and heavy objects, moving them requires additional training. Correct lifting techniques and careful carrying will ensure the safety of all your belongings. On the other hand, experience is something that comes with time. Not having movers with wide previous experiences doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing but it sure is a big advantage if at least one mover from the team has been in this business for a while.

Based on what will you be charged?

Of course, you’ll want to know how much you’ll have to pay for everything and why. It’s always good to have as much knowledge as possible, the more you know the less likely you’ll be scammed. What can determine your costs?

  • Is your move local or long-distances?
  • How big is your place?
  • What type of service do you want?
  • What amount of service do you need?
  • The weight of your belongings?
  • Hourly-rates?
movers carrying couch

What does the price include?

There are criteria you’ll be charged based on, but what exactly does that price include? If you hired 2 movers and a truck, is the packing equipment they’ll use included in the initial price estimate? Will every used box and inch of bubble wrap be charged for additionally? Is gas money something you need to worry about? What if your move lasts more than expected? Find out every detail of the charging contract before signing it! Don’t be shy when questioning, you have the right to know.

Hidden fees

Here is the main reason for such a thorough investigation: hidden fees. Shadiest Dallas local movers will use this to skyrocket your costs. They will steal your money and you won’t be able to do anything. Why? Because you didn’t ask what is included and what isn’t. They can charge you for extra stairs, time, packing materials, and more. If you’re not aware of it from the start, these unexpected price raises can be fatal for your wallet.

Compensation and cancellation processes?

You want to know how things will go in case you need to cancel your move. A lot of unexpected situations can happen and thus make you cancel everything, or you could simply change your mind. Is there some kind of fee you’ll have to pay? Does the time of cancellation matter? In case you already paid a part of the cost, can you get your money back? It’s better to know beforehand and thus avoid tiresome complications.

The same gore for the compensation process. If something does happen, how to handle it? What should you do at that moment? Take pictures, report to someone right away, and if yes, whom? What happens after? How long does it take to get the compensation money and how will the sum be calculated? Your relocation specialist should answer all these questions and direct you in the right way, but can you fully trust them? Should you blindly believe everything they say? This is where the third point on how to find reliable Dallas local movers comes, customer reviews.

Be careful with who you give your money to

Read customer reviews on different local movers in Dallas

Now, when you got all the info you needed, it’s time to check its validity. Besides getting recommendations from trusted sources, reading customer reviews about certain moving companies is the best way to avoid fraudsters. It all might sound great on the phone with a relocation specialist but what do the people who actually accepted the offer have to say? 

Just like asking questions, be thorough with review reading too. Pay attention to what others are saying. Did the Dallas local movers meet promised expectations? Did they arrive on time? Were they friendly, professional, and effective? What about the cost, did any hidden fees appear? If there are more bad than good answers, you know who not to hire. In case most are good but you still found 3 or 4 bad ones, be careful but not too hard. Some people will never be satisfied.

Compare offers

Everything comes down to this. It’s time to compare all those moving quotes, information, and reviews you acquired. Besides finding professional movers that offer the exact service you are looking for and at affordable rates, you want to know who will actually fulfill their promises. Together with reviews comes comparing how each company operates. Hopefully, you paid attention during those calls.

As you speak with more and more moving company representatives you’ll start to notice differences in their work. You’ll get the feel of how serious and reliable professionals do their job and possible red flags to stay away from.

Watch out if:

  • They answer the phone without saying the company name
  • They give you an over the call estimate without any questions about your place, belongings, or moving distance
  • They are asking for larger deposits in cash and being pushy about it
  • They are not straightforward about their services and prices
  • On-site estimator seems confused, doesn’t ask nor answer questions properly
  • Their quotes are far too lower compared to others
It may seem hard but you will find your perfect movers for sure

The best Dallas local movers: Dallas Movers Pro

There is one thing we can say for sure. If you choose to hire Dallas Movers Pro to aid you in your next relocation, running away from high-end service at affordable prices will be impossible. Professional, reliable, always friendly, and motivated movers will handle everything. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Call, email, or visit our site to get a free quote. We wish you a peaceful relocation and if you have any more questions our customer support is available 7 days a week.

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