How Many Movers You Should Hire For Your Dallas Move

When you’ve finally taken the leap of faith and decided that you are changing homes, it can be both exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. Why is that? People are not only scared of the complicated process of moving, but change itself – along with all of the challenges that come with it. Top that off with the fact that you might have never moved in your life before, and have no clue what you are doing, and you are stuck in an endless cycle of procrastination and overwhelmingness.

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In order to avoid these unfortunate situations that only lead to more stress and more worry the more you think about them – you need to understand your move as much as possible. How much time am I going to need to prepare? How much is this going to cost me? These are relevant questions that you should ask yourself before hiring any moving company
The size of your move ultimately determines the number of movers you will need for your move, therefore the overall cost of your moving experience. Getting a better picture of how big your move actually is – can help you prepare for your future costs for the luxury of moving completely stress free.

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There Are A Lot Of Important Factors That Can Determine The Number Of Movers Required To Complete Your Move 

  • Size Of The Move – For residential moves, the square footage of your home along with the number of bedrooms is how your relocation specialist will assess the size of your move. For commercial moves, it is determined by a complete list of items, as well as any kind of storage unit.
  • Heavy Items – Think about any excessively heavy items you may own, like heavy dressers, fish tanks, pool tables, pianos, safes, china cabinets, gym equipment, etc.
  • Stairs – Stairs can heavily slow down your move. Think about how many flights of stairs you have at both locations.
  • Level Of Service – A standard service of a studio apartment and a full pack service of a 4 bedroom house is not going to require the same manpower.
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Size Of The Move

Residential Moving

The size of a residential move is not an easy task to complete, as most moving companies just take some basic information regarding the size of your home and assess the moving size that way. Of course, if you have way more or less items than a typical home of this size, your moving specialist would most likely use a complete list of items to be sure of the exact move size. 

Studio/1 Bedroom

Usually a two man team’s job, studios and 1 bedroom places are the smallest moves to complete – apart from loading and unloading jobs. The duration of your move depends on a large number of factors like the amount of items and the distance between pick up and drop off locations – but usually any move this size should be over without a hitch. 

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2 Bedrooms 

Perfect for a three man team, there are two types of 2 bedroom moves that you should consider. One is the true two bedroom situation, and the other is the one bedroom with an office type situation. Both still require a 3 person crew – in order to keep everything streamlined and as easy as possible. Of course, if you think a 2 person crew would be sufficient in the second case – your relocation specialist can always determine whether or not that would be safe based on a complete list of items.

3 Bedrooms 

A four person crew is often dedicated to a 3 bedroom place move, however this is where home sizes can start to vary – and we rely on square footage. Usually, everything above 2000 square feet should require a fifth pair of hands on the job – especially if any professional packing is involved.

4+ Bedrooms 

With large homes like 4+ bedroom homes, it is hard to determine the perfect crew size without the square footage of the home being moved. However, the larger the crew – the more cost efficient your entire move will be, since large moves like this can be more cost effective when done quickly.

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Commercial Moving 

Commercial moving is very specific, as there is no way for a moving specialist to determine the size of the move solely based on the square footage of the office space. Some office spaces might be sparsely furnished but extremely large, or packed with furniture but considered to be a medium sized office. In this case, your moving specialist will need to use different ways of determining the move size – like a complete list of items.

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List Of Items 

With a complete list of items that you will be moving from your office space, your relocation specialist will be able to determine exactly how many movers need to be assigned to your specific move. If any packing is involved, at least one or two pairs of hands should be added to the equation to keep your business move as simple and smooth as possible.

Heavy Items 

Gym Equipment

Gym equipment is oftentimes not disassembled by the professional moving company you’ve hired due to liability issues. However, you can choose to have it disassembled on your own and not have any issue with it being moved on the big day. If you are not in the mood for any disassembly, your company will determine whether the object can be safely moved by the crew size appropriate for your move size – or they will need to add an additional mover to the job. 


Moving companies go very differently about piano moving – so it might be best to hire a third party mover in this case, unless your local mover is a verified piano mover as well. We at Dallas Movers Pro move upright pianos with a four person crew, from ground to ground level – and completely free of charge when you are moving your home as well. 

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Depending on the weight of the safe – your relocation specialist will leave your crew size as is – or add an additional pair of hands. This is usually the case when stairs are involved in moving the safe.

Pool Tables

Most moving companies do not move them – so you will have to check with a third party. Another option is to hire an all-in-one moving company that will most likely require a larger crew to move said pool table.

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More than 2 flights of stairs at one location can easily slow down your move and risk your movers from getting tired way too quickly, injuring themselves, etc. If they have anything heavy to move up or down those stairs – your move is going to be impossible to complete with two movers. An additional mover is strongly advised when more than two flights of stairs are present during the move.

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Level Of Service

Labor Moving Service

Loading and unloading a truck, along with any type of on-site moving project requires one less mover than if it were an entire move. For example, loading a 2 bedroom home into a truck can easily be done with two movers, whereas if it were an entire 2 bedroom move, you would need a three person crew. And no, a one person crew doesn’t exist – at least not at Dallas Movers Pro.

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Standard Service

Just moving furniture and no packing? Sounds like a standard moving service. If you have everything packed up and ready to go, call up your movers to handle your heavy furniture and that is it. This requires the base number of movers – no additional hands needed here.

Partial Packing Service

This is one of the best perks of moving with Dallas Movers Pro. Pack up everything but the worst parts of your home – your closet and kitchen – and have our professional packers and movers take care of the rest. We provide the partial packing service of your kitchen and closet at no extra charge, and you can decide whether you will be purchasing the supplies from us – or using your own. This service does not require an additional mover.

Full Pack Service

Translating to a complete packing and moving experience, a full pack service is for those who want to sit back and relax during their move – and every single day before it, too! You don’t have to pack a single item into a box when you hire packers and movers, however, you should expect an additional pair of hands on the job to keep everything quick and safe. 

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