Hiring Professional Movers vs Self Moving

People usually get lost in their moving projects. Frequently, they want to move by themself since it is a cheaper version of moving. On the other hand, it is easier to hire pro movers, with or without full-service, since they do the packing and moving. 

The whole process could be stressful and time-consuming for you. Therefore, here is the best helpful article if you are considering hiring pro movers or moving by yourself.


If you decide to move by yourself, you should know a couple of things you must prepare for. Be sure that self-moving is a more complex version of moving than moving with pro movers. Assuredly, it is a more time-consuming and irritating moving project. 

You should create a to-do list, pack, get more people to help, organize a moving truck and all the essentials for the truck, moving equipment, etc. Those are just a few things you should do when self-moving. If you are unsure if you want to move by yourself or hire pro movers, you should write the cons and pros for both situations.

As it could be a good experience to move by yourself, moving with pro movers could be a less time-consuming moment

Lists and More Lists

Since you started self-moving, you should have a plan for your moving. Good organization is the key to success is not said just like that. You should organize your moving by the plans you made. 

A To-do list for your essentials, for example, is something that will lead you to a faster and easier move. Pro movers will take care of your moving schedule, so you will have more time for yourself and your necessities. 

Packing Never Ends

Let’s say you want to prepare to pack your items. You are wondering which item you should pack first or last and how to prepare your fragile items such as mirrors, electronic appliances, etc. Then you finally find the way how to pack, but you are packing everything from every room. Then it is just big chaos, especially when you spend half an hour looking at your old photo album.  

Make sure to pack room by room. This will help you stay well organized, and will be easier to label the moving boxes. Items you should pack may be the items you won’t use until you move, such as books, decorations, paintings, magazines, etc. The room you will pack the last should be the kitchen. Since you probably use the kitchen daily, make sure to pack it last. 

In case you are not sure about your packing skills, make sure to read this article which may help you.

Packing supplies

You somehow calculated how many items you need to pack, but you need packing supplies. The most common packing supplies are:

  • Moving blankets
  • Moving Boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble rolls
  • Corner protectors
  • Moving labels
  • Markers

The most annoying thing that could happen is that you didn’t pack everything but you are out of packing supplies. Our best tip is to buy more packing supplies. It is much better to have more supplies than to leave yourself without supplies.

Pro movers could pack you even with their packing supplies. Check out with your moving company how much are they charging as an additional fee for their packing supplies.

Since packing and shopping for packing supplies could be exhausting, pro movers could pack you with their supplies

More People, Less Time

Moving by yourself alone could be really hard, especially if you have a lot of items. Besides your strength, you should call for more hands in your moving project. 

Since you have found more people to help you, which are your friends, for example, remember you need to organize them well. Giving each one of them a task could speed up the moving process.

Heavy Items?

Maybe you should worry about your big and heavy items. Some items are not supposed to move in one piece. You should disassemble and reassemble them, which requires some knowledge and specific tools. Even if you pull off to move them, make sure they are not damaged. You would not want to damage your old Chinese closet or your old-century grand piano. 

Moving without damage your antique piano could be possible if you are moving with pro movers


Since you are moving by yourself, the weather is something you should pay attention to. Moving in the cold temperatures or when it is raining could be challenging for you and your people. Also, you do not want to draw attention to the rain while carrying a moving box full of fragile items such as glasses and cups. 

Pro Movers Services

In your last days at home, chaos is avoided, thanks to the pro movers. You will have plenty of time for yourself. They will take care of the moving project, big items, insurance, etc. The whole process will look so easy that you would hire them again.

On your moving day, pro movers will call you. You will know at what time they are coming, so you won’t be unpleasant surprised.


Pro movers will take care of all the essentials they need to do. They will make an inventory list of you belongings they need to pack if you have decided on packers and movers. 

On the other hand, if you have decided only on affordable and pro movers, they will make a plan for your moving project. Even, if something goes off the plan, you do not need to worry. As pro movers as customer agents have a lot of experience, they will handle the situations most professionally.

Pro movers will create an inventory list of your belongings which will sure them to move every little item from your place

Packing in a day. Possible or not?

Firstly to answer your question if it is possible? Definitely yes! If you have decided on full-service with the company’s pro movers, they will pack your belongings without hesitation. They won’t check out your clothes or your old photo album. It may be a little awkward moment, but surely they are professional and experienced pro movers, so you do not have to worry about anything. 

Pro movers and packers will have an inventory list for packing, even the smallest item is going to be packed and moved on. Your fragile items will be packed professionally so they cannot be damaged. Your only task is to tell your relocation specialist what items you have, how much, etc. 

Disclaimer: No matter how much pro movers are professional, accidents may always occur, but it is less possible than moving by yourself. If something is damaged, contact your moving company, and follow the protocols they tell you. 

Big items? Done. 

If you have stairs at your home, going upstairs and downstairs won’t be your problem. You won’t need to spend energy carrying heavy items from the basement or your attic. 

Your biggest items are not your problem anymore. Pro movers will professionally disassemble the furniture, move it, and reassemble it at the new place. Since they are experienced with big items, they will carry them as if they are theirs.

Customer service

Experience from customer service is something you won’t have if you are moving by yourself. Your moving company via customer service will take care of all of your moving problems, and make sure to answer all your questions. Having answers will make you self-confident in the whole process. You won’t have to worry about the problems popping out. 

Customer service is surely well-trained and will make your experience with the moving company as good as possible


License and insurance are must-haves if you are going to hire a moving company. Those who do not have adequate or don’t have at all should be avoided. You want to ensure your belongings will be safe as well as theirs. 

Outdoor Conditions

Weather is something that could slow you down. To the pro movers, it is something they can forget about. They will do their job professionally like it was nice weather. 

Moving tip: Moving with a moving company could be cheaper if you are moving in the winter, and not in the summer. 

Outdoor conditions, such as rain,  will not slow down the affordable pro movers from doing their job

Important Tasks

Independently you choose to move by yourself or hire pro movers, there are some important tasks you should do anyways. Those tasks are not independent of the service you are hiring. 

For example, whether you hired pro movers or not, you should do the last check before you move, on your packing or moving day you should not follow the movers and tell them what to do, you should clean the closets and the apartment before and after the packing, disconnecting all the appliances you won’t need until the move day, etc. 

Personal Belongings

Your personal belongings, which you may need while moving or the first day after the move, should pack last. You should make a list of what you will need, and if everything is findable. Documents, phone charger, money, maybe toothbrush with a toothpaste, contact lens, etc. Make sure that box is with you and labeled correctly. 

Does it need to be cleaned after me?

Before you leave, make sure you have not packed the cleaning supplies. Since you won’t need them on a moving day, you will go shopping for a new home. Some landlords will keep the deposit if they are unsatisfied with the hygiene. 

If you do not have much time for cleaning, hire a cleaning service and it should do the job. 

Last Check

Before your pro movers come by, you should do the last check. Even if you are moving by yourself, this step could not be forgotten. Make sure all the lights are turned off, all the windows are closed, and the ceiling fans are off. Check under the stairs, basement, balcony, garage, etc. Once you move, you are not coming back again, especially if it is across the state. 

Moving tip: If you are forgetful, you could take photos of the place so you will be sure about those things above. 

Final Words

Surely, we could help with your decision to move. Make sure to repeat all the cons and pros of moving by yourself or hiring pro movers. If you are ready to pay for a moving company, which includes pro movers and gives you much free time, make sure to give us a call, or get a quote for free

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