The Most Helpful Packing Tips When Moving To Dallas

Moving on your own is one thing for sure, but having to pack up everything you’ve come to own over the years might just be the first worst thing about moving. Even with the help of professional Dallas movers by your side, you still need to pack up for the trip with no one there to help you but yourself. People hate packing as it is extremely time and energy consuming, and not to mention the stress of being accountable if anything is improperly packed and breaks during the moving process.

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Everyone Needs a Bit of Packing and Moving Help

If you are one of those people left alone to pack up for the moving trip – and even if you already have some packing help – a few more tips probably won’t be a harm. With so many people moving more often, it is easy to get lost in the world of contradicting information and which tips truly are the best of them all. The first most helpful tip that you can get is to do whatever you are comfortable with during the packing and moving phases of your transition. In the end, it is most important that you are at complete peace of mind and that there is nothing left to make you stress even more about the move. Oh, and to-do lists really help a lot.

Packing Supply Tips 

Make One Giant List For The Hardware Store

Instead of going five separate times, make a giant list of everything you are going to need from the hardware store and go only once. Preventing a second trip by purchasing more than enough supplies is another great option for those who don’t want to lose any time.

Purchase Moving Supplies

You are going to need a variety of supplies to complete this project successfully. Remember, you will need more than one box size, and not everything can be packed inside a simple box. 

Create an extensive list of supplies you are going to need, along with how many pieces of each you will be purchasing. Don’t forget the main packing supplies that every move requires:

  • Boxes
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Rolls of Tape
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Dish Packs
  • Mattress Covers
  • Wardrobe Boxes

Use What You Have Around Your Home – Only For Unbreakables

Suitcases, baskets and bins are recommended only in situations where you are packing items that physically cannot be broken or damaged by shifting or rattling on the truck – like shoes for example. Another great option is children’s toys. 

You Are Going To Need A Lot Of Tape

Probably more than you think – secure boxes are the only kind of boxes you are going to need for the move.Tape them up and tape them well. Not only are you going to need tape for closing the boxes, but for bundling your items and securing the wrapping layer on top of them. It already has too many uses – so get a lot of it.

Assemble Your Padding Supplies

You might not have to purchase that many padding materials if you already have some laying around your home. Newspaper, clothing, linens and blankets are great padding choices for your fragiles.

mother and daughter packing a suitcase

Colored Labels Will Be Your Friend

Get a lot of them. Not only are they cute, but they will serve as an indicator of which box goes into which room, which boxes contain fragile items and which side goes up. You can truly never have too many colored labels – so buy a lot!

General Packing Tips 

Make A Packing Station 

Keeping all of your supplies in one specific spot can help the rest of your packing project be a lot more organized and put together. Create a specific packing station for your items and see just how easy it is when everything is neatly organized.

girl on the floor next to her packing station

The Larger The Box, The Lighter The Contents

This is the general rule, as heavier items usually go into smaller boxes. Just keep every box under 50 pounds – and you should be good to go. Books are always packed in smaller boxes, while childrens toys for example, are great for larger boxes. Having large and heavy boxes at the same time is going to be a nightmare for everyone involved in the move.

Heavy Items On The Bottom

Another important rule of packing is to always pack the heaviest items on the bottom, while packing the lighter ones on the top. The reason behind this is gravity – you don’t want your light items getting crushed by the heavy ones.

If It Rattles – It Needs Padding 

If the contents of your boxes are rattling inside, you need to secure them in place with some cushioning materials. Think how much your boxes will be shifting on the moving truck – so securing your items inside the boxes will be extremely helpful to prevent any damages.

person padding dishes before packing

Keep Similar Items Together

Keeping bundles of the same items together will help you unpack a lot easier, as you will be knowing exactly where your items are and that they are not scattered in ten different boxes. Same item types go in the same box, always.

Pack Small Parts In A Separate Box 

You don’t want to lose them, so keep them with you during the move, and keep them in a small, separate box. Don’t put the parts on the moving truck with everything else, they are small but extremely vital to finishing up your move.

Start With Your Least Used Rooms 

Starting with your attic is probably going to be a better option than your living room – as you use your living room far more often. Start with the rooms you never use or rarely do, and proceed in the same manner until you’ve finished your entire home. 

Pack Your Kitchen Simultaneously

Packing your kitchen little by little while you are working on the rest of your home in the room by room manner is a great tip, since the kitchen is usually the most used and the most complicated to pack, too. Start packing up the kitchen in tiny segments as you are packing up the rest of your home, in the same manner – kitchenware you use the least goes first, etc.

Label Your Boxes In Detail

You will be happy that you did this when you arrive at your new home and realize that you know where every single item you need is. Label your boxes in detail and even add a brief content description for an even easier unpacking project.

Don’t Pack Hazardous Items 

Packing hazardous items can lead to a lot of unpleasant surprises during the move – not to mention that they are forbidden on the moving truck and sneaking them onto the truck is considered to be against the law. Take these items with you instead.

Make Sure To Pack Your Essentials

Don’t forget to pack up your essentials! Once you arrive at your new home, the first thing you will want to do is take a shower, change your clothes and take your medication if you do. That is why you should pack up your essentials the night before or the morning of your move, to have access to them all day and have immediate access to them once your movers have finished up the move.

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