The Most Common Moving Fees In Dallas

Researchers say that, among many things in life, moving is one of the most stressful events. Luckily, that is why there are moving companies on speed dial. It is up to us to move you effectively, stress-free and enjoyable. If you decide to move, whether for a new job, for your family, moving takes time and making the right decisions may make your move much easier. 
Hiring a professional moving company in Dallas can make this process less time consuming and save you from getting a meltdown. Important thing for you to know is what are potential fees when you decide to hire movers?

Hiring a professional moving company in Dallas can make this process less time consuming and save you from getting a meltdown. Important thing for you to know is what are potential fees when you decide to hire movers?

Signing and labeling boxes

Dallas Movers Pro exists to make your life (and move) easier. It is our duty to inform you about any potential fees that can occur during your move. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and that will lead you to making good choices. 

What can influence cost of your move

No two moves are the same

You can completely understand that moving from a studio or one bedroom apartment and moving from a fully furnished four bedroom house with patio and two garages can’t cost the same. Therefore, depending on the move size, your quote should be designed for your move and your salesperson must be informed about anything specific your move may carry (heavy items, additional stops etc).

mover packing item

Fuel fee

Fuel fee is one of the most common fees in the moving industry. If you are moving within 100 miles, this is considered to be a local move, and if you are moving to a smaller apartment, you will probably be able to get a quote over the phone. Once you talk with your company, you will understand how they charge for fuel – some  include it in the hourly rate, some add it on top of the cost. Logically, if the distance is longer than 100 miles, your fuel fee will be higher. 

Gas station

Quantity of your belongings

Another important thing would be how many items you are actually moving. As mentioned before, moving from a fully furnished four bedroom house with garages will include a lot of lifting, time and movers will have to be very cautious while moving the items. If you are moving from a fully furnished place to a fully furnished place and have mainly boxes, the move will be done fast and you will probably be charged a minimal price. Also, bigger moves can require more trucks. 

mover holding box

Number of movers needed

Movers are the most important part of your move since they will be in charge of your whole move. When it comes to typical number of movers needed for the move, companies usually send two movers for studio and one bedroom apartments, and then +1 mover on number of bedrooms, meaning:

two bedrooms-three movers

three bedrooms-four movers

… If packing services are included, you will have one more mover to help with packing.

labor cost per mover

Truck size

Depending on your move size, your company will decide whether they will send a van, small truck or 26-foot trailer (or two!). The bigger truck, the higher the cost. 


Before the move starts, your movers will check the access to your apartment or house. If there is long carry, multiple flights of stairs with no elevators, it will require lifting up and down the stairs, and that can make the cost potentially go up. Have in mind to double check with your moving company how much they would charge and let them know in advance if your apartment or house is difficult to access.

Stairs in a building

Date of move

We all imagine the ideal season to move to be summer, spring, early autumn. It is, but it is also the most expensive time to move. If you decide that winter would work better, you may save a very good amount of money. With multiple researches done, late spring, summer and early autumn are the busiest time to move – these are the main months of the moving season

It is also important when in the month you are moving. The beginning and the end of the month are usually fully booked as well as weekends. People tend to move on weekends since in that case they don’t have to take time off work to move. If you manage to move mid week and mid month it might be much cheaper. Also, check out some moving hacks when moving to make your move be as smooth as it can be. 

Additional fees and services

Full packing service

One of the benefits of hiring professional packers and movers is that you will be able to sip your coffee and enjoy your move, but this service is one of the most expensive ones when it comes to moving industry. Movers are trained individuals and packing up your apartment can go very fast but this is one of the luxuries that come as an additional cost. Also, unpacking at the delivery will be an additional charge as well. 

family packing

Highly expensive and heavy items

You want  to move your pool table, but you are not certain if your moving company will be able to move it. This would be one of the most important things – to inform your movers if you have anything out of the ordinary. This can include pianos, china cabinets or anything that can require additional equipment and special handling. Informing your movers about these items means that they will come with equipment and potentially with an additional mover to help them out.

`When it comes to valuable items – your moving company will have to be informed about this in advance- any high value item may need crating as well as additional insurance – full value replacement insurance. Discuss with your moving company how much it would cost to insure your valuable pictures or lamps, because you don’t want them to come in pieces at the delivery. Movers are professionals but we are all aware that accidents happen and that is why you want to make sure you did everything on your end to protect your belongings. 

Pool table

Additional pick-up

Additional pickup may sound like not big of a deal, but it can make your move a bit more complicated. Movers will usually charge for any additional address besides the original pickup and delivery. 


This would be completely up to you-one of the best things when hiring movers is that basic coverage moving insurance is included, but have in mind it is only 60c per pound. This means your items are not fully insured and adding additional insurance or third party insurance may be a good idea. Check this before your move, because this may not be an option once the move starts. 

Storage area

You know you have to move, but you don’t have anywhere to move to. You want to take a year and travel abroad and you need your items to be safely stored somewhere until you are ready to move. Moving companies offer storage options to hold your items until you are ready for them to be delivered, but this comes at an additional cost. Maybe not for a short period of time – some moving companies offer 30 days of storage free of charge, but for a longer period of time, you may need to calculate if storage options will be a good idea for you. 

Storage area

Tipping your movers

This is not such a big fee, but this is more of showing your movers they did well and giving them an award for their work. Tipping usually comes as 10-20% of the whole move, but if the move is charged below $500 it would be nice to tip movers around 20%. This of course means you were happy with their job. 

Pros of hiring professional movers


If you decide to hire a moving company to help you out, you will definitely save a lot of time. It may come at an additional cost, but in a day or two you will be ready to go. You will not have to take time off work to prepare for the move. 

Safe storage

As mentioned above, if needed, you will be provided with a safe space before you are ready to move into your new home. And sometimes just a few weeks is what we need. 

No risk

When we decide to move on our own, we have to take into consideration we are anything but experts. In order to pack and move your items, you will need a lot of physical strength and you will be drained once the move is over.

Less stress

This can actually be a big deal. Handing your items to professionals can make you feel free. You will not have to think about how to juggle kids, job, making food and everything else. If you decide, you can pack the smallest items by yourself, or simply let the movers do everything. 

To sum it up, if you have never moved before, it would be best to ask your salesperson about any potential fees that might occur. Ask them what is included and what may come up if you decide to change your plans. Also, keep track of the information you have been provided with about moving costs so you can calculate and see what works best for you. 

No stress


Usually, hiring a moving company is a much more reliable option than hiring your family or friends. Movers are fully trained professionals that undergo serious training in order to keep your belongings safe.


Moving company will be held accountable for your whole move and will make sure that all your items arrive completely safe at the delivery. Relocating without professional help can usually add to the amount of stress you will have at the end of the move. 

Peace of mind

The most important thing is that once you secure your moving company, you will be free. You can use time saved to spend time in your favorite bakery, coffee shop and say goodbye to your city  before moving to Dallas and entering a whole new adventure. Once the moving date comes you will be able to enjoy and transition into your new home smoothly.

Call us

In order for your move to go easy, Dallas Movers Pro will be more than happy to assist you. Call us today and get your free quote. We are looking forward to getting to know you better and be a part of your wonderful moving experience. 

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