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The city of Burleson offers a peaceful environment suitable for people of all ages. There are multiple parks in the town with a total of 348 acres, and you can even rent a park pavilion if you want. Bailey Lake is located nearby, and if you want to fish in it, you are going to need a fishing license. Bailey Lake is one of the most beautiful areas in Burleson and besides fishing, you can use a walking trail, nature trail and there is an area for the picnic. We also suggest you visit Burleson Recreation Center which is the future home of Bartlett Soccer Complex and Cedar Ridge Park that is a small playground park perfect for younger kids and parents.

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About Burleson

Burleson is a suburb of Fort Worth and a home to 41,818 residents. The town was named to honor President of Baylor University Rufus Columbus Burleson and the “founding day” of the city is October 10, 1881. A city with a great history has a climate that is characterized by hot and humid summers and mild or cool winters. The hottest months are July and August while the coldest ones are December and January. There are four school districts in Burleson – the Burleson Independent School District, Joshua Independent School District, Everman Independent School District whereas a small part of the city is served by Mansfield Independent School District. In other words, if you have children or teenagers, Burleson is a great place to live because of a variety of school choice.

There are no major corporations in Burleson and the top employer is Burleson ISD with 1, 603 employees, followed by Walmart and City of Burleson with 420 and 385 employees respectively. The average income in this city is $50,432. The town is located 40 miles from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport whereas the Fort Worth Spinks Airport is situated on the northern edge of Burleson city limits and it serves the city’s local general aviation needs.



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My experience with this company was excellent. I received an all-inclusive rate over the phone and in the end there were no hidden fees. I paid exactly what I was quoted. The 2 men who moved my things were polite, quick, and helpful. Everything went well and my things arrived in great condition. I have no complaints at all.

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My experience with this company was pretty good. I called Dallas Pro Movers after Bellhops cancelled on me just an hour before my move. They were able to quickly get me on the schedule for the following day early in the morning. The movers showed up early and were diligent about moving things. The entire move from start to finish was an hour and 45 minutes. The price was really reasonable and most importantly they're reliable. I'd go with this company again.

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Great company - professional and well done. I read some of the negative reviews on here and did it witness any of the things that people complained about. Francisco, Darwin and Bailey did an amazing job. Very polite and did not waste any time. Remembered where/what our boxes were and got our move done in less than 3 hours despite the fact that we had TONS of boxes (15 minute drive in there too). They come well prepared, treated our belongings and items as if they were their own. I stopped unpacking things to write this review to let y'all know how great the experience was. Thanks guys! Will use this company again and you should too.

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