Things to do in Addison

Addison offers much entertainment, concerts, and festivals. Some of the most popular ones are: “Taste of Addison,” “Oktoberfest” or “Kaboom Town” – a major festival, held in July.

Addison Circle is a part of the town with an unusual architectural style, which emphasizes a European-like mix of living and shopping. Every weekend something is going on, whether it is a play at the Addison Conference and Theatre Centre or a concert at Addison Circle Park. The town has a reputation for being “yuppie.” It is the first city in Texas, which offered 100% covered wireless Internet.

You can always have much to do in Addison:

– Addison Circle Park is a great open space which often serves for special events and already mentioned traditional festivals. It features two stages, a pavilion, public display fountains, off-street parking and so on.

– Addison Improv is a great place for a date night, corporate event or parties. You can enjoy a stand-up comedy or magic shows there.

– Addison Conference and Theatre Centre is a unique place for conferences and corporate meetings. It also includes a theatre and the historic Stone Cottage.

– Beckert Park is located between high skyscrapers of Addison Circle District. It is a favorite place for office workers to come here during the lunch break and for families in the evenings.

– Some other great spots for shopping and entertainment are Bowlmor, Watertower Theatre, Vitruvian Park, Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar, and Galleria Dallas with many stores, boutiques, restaurants and an ice rink, as well as many other must-see attractions.

For any info, you may visit the city’s official site:

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About Addison

Addison is only twenty minutes drive from downtown Dallas. The town is both a lovely and relaxing place to live and a cultural centre. It is an efficient, modern suburb of Dallas. The area is clean and peaceful, a delightful place for a living.

The population is only 14,000. Anyway, various corporations have their headquarters there. The wealth of its residents is evident wherever you look. People might say that the town mostly consists of businesses and restaurants. Those restaurants are exquisite and probably the best ones in the entire Dallas County. The whole city enjoys fancy restaurants and funky little bars. The town is also proud of its first-class athletic club. Addison’s residents are young single professionals with management, business and financial occupations, young couples with no children, well-educated people, so you can call it an adult community. 40% of its residents are not married. Median resident age is 33 years. Estimated median house income was 58,000$ in 2013.

It is an excellent place to buy a house, maybe a little pricey, but well worth it for the comfort and safety you get.

When it comes to schools and education, you can choose among four schools there. There is a public school George Herbert Walker Bush Elementary School, and there are three private schools: Greenhill School, Trinity Christian School, and Trinity Christian Academy.

Naturally, the cost of living here is a little higher than the US average. The estimated index is 125, comparing to average index of 100. Housing is the biggest factor for these figures, so average rental for a two-bedroom home is about 1,000$. The average price for a home for sale is 350,000$ to 400,000$. A condo value is 266.000$. There are about thirty homes for sale, and, if you want to take a look at the real estate market, click on the link:



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