About Mesquite

The name of this charming, little city in Texas can be easily mixed up with a type of barbecue. However, Mesquite is famous as “Rodeo Capital of Texas.”

The climate in this area is a humid, subtropical climate. In summer you can expect hot and humid weather, while winters are never too cold, with average temperatures of 55 degrees F. It rarely snows in winter. This is pretty much how the climate looks line in the whole Dallas area.

This truly magnificent city is a part of Dallas metropolis, comprising sixteen different neighborhoods. Some of them are Pasadena Garden, Park View, Creek Crossing, Lawson, Pecan Creek and others. You can definitely find something that is suitable for your needs. Its residents are friendly; the streets are clean and lined with green grass, with many options for dining in one of the delicious restaurants or shopping in malls or novelty shops. The residents are proud of the excellent school system and active community. The city is served by five high schools and a few elementary and middle schools. Dallas Christian School is an outstanding private school. Students may choose between two colleges: Eastfield College and University-Commerce Mesquite Metroplex Center.

Cost of living in Mesquite

Although Mesquite belongs to the Dallas metropolitan area, the cost of living, which includes food, transportation, and utilities, is low, in contrast to its neighboring cities. Renting is also lower than average. The unemployment rate of 6% is lower than the national rate, and the job opportunities get higher every year. The median home price is less than 100,000 dollars, which you may consider lower than other housing on the real estate market.

Things to do in Mesquite

If you are looking for big-city entertainment, Dallas and neighboring cities are a short drive away. If you like night bars, you may choose going out to one of many small, local restaurants. The most popular ones are Sports City Café, Cowboy up, Shall Shack and many others.

Well-visited local landmarks are Arts Center, 24 Hour Fitness, Lone Star Gun Shows and Walmart Mesquite. Many free outdoor concerts are held throughout the city, and especially in the Arts Center.

For people who like recreational activities and sports, there are many spots where they can spend their free time. Some of them are Town East Park and The Golden Star Boxing Club.

There are a variety of other activities and attractions, such as playing golf at Palms Golf Club or having a massage or other various treatments at The Spa and Salon at the Casablanca Resort.

For all of you, interested in history, there is the Virgin Valley Heritage Museum, with many interesting historical items, such as wedding dresses, old phones, Whiskey Still, and many photos with historical facts.


Moving to Mesquite TX

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