About Lewisville

If you are thinking about moving to Lewisville, we are here to tell you a bit more about this cute town.

Lewisville, TX, is a dynamic suburban community in the thriving North Texas region. Home to approximately 100000 residents. Originally called Holford’s Prairie, Lewisville dates back to the early 1840s. Lewisville is a cute, cozy and historical town where you can enjoy with your family since it is a family-friendly place. Schools are above the average here and Lewisville residents are very proud of its educational system. Lots of parks, libraries and theaters are distinctive for this town.

The climate in Lewisville is humid subtropical and it is characteristic for its hot summers. Seldom does this area have extreme weather conditions whereas during heavy rains, Timber Creek can overflow its bands, but rarely does it flood some of the surrounding homes.

There are a lot of things to do in Lewisville such as visiting Witherspoon Distillery Witherspoondistillery.com or visiting the lake near-by.

Neighborhoods in Lewisville

Now that you have decided to move here, we want to remind you of some of the neighborhoods where you might live. Below, you can see several areas which we have selected for you, but every neighborhood is available here: Neighborhoodscout.com

✓ N Mill St / E Jones St. This neighborhood is dominated with people who have a moderate income while most of the population is employed in sales and service jobs. You will also find that about a quarter of the residents are in manufacturing and laborer occupations as well as clerical, assistant and tech support jobs.

✓ Fm 3040 / Ace Ln. Believe it or not, but 3.6% of the households are same sex couples, which is an indicator that this is actually a gay-friendly neighborhood. Also, this area has been popular lately to move to and it has a lot of new residents from either nearby cities or from other parts of the country. The people have an above average salary here and the majority is in sales and service jobs while there are people in management and big businesses.

✓ Lewisville Valley. It is one of the smaller neighborhoods in Lewisville with just above 1000 residents who average 52 years. In this area, almost 88% are homeowners and you might want to consider moving to this peaceful environment if you are an elderly person. It is also great for families with little children.

Things to do in Lewisville

Lewisville is indeed a beautiful town and one of the most important facilities we want to mention is the MCL Grand Theater. It is located in Lewisville’s Old Town and it is a hub for arts, able to show films, host meetings and open for all kinds of artistic performance. Besides this facility, you can find a lot of parks, two recreation centers and about 14 miles of trails. The biggest one is Railroad Park which was built back in 2009 and it was the largest capital project at the time. If you are a skater you will find enjoyable living in this town because it has the Scion SkatePark. There are many other parks, because residents of Lewisville are outdoors fans and they are using every free moment to enjoy hiking, biking or jogging in one of the parks.


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