About Grand Prairie

Grand Prairie is a city in Dallas and it is the city on the affordable side living in Texas. Population of over 180000 people makes it the fifteenth most populous city in the state! If you love living in an urban, vivid and live city, Grand Prairie is the best place for you.

Site of One of Largest Industrial Districts. Because of its central location and proximity to air and highway transportation infrastructure, Grand Prairie also is a well-established distribution center. Much of the Great Southwest Industrial District’s approximately 80-million square feet lies in Grand Prairie.

Schools in Grand Prairie, both public and private, are exceptional!

Neighborhoods to consider

Have you decided which part of Grand Prairie you are going to move to? If you are still thinking, we will recommend some areas for you, just to refresh your memory.

S Belt Line RD / E Fishcreek RD. This neighborhood is one of more expensive in Grand Prairie, and it is almost exclusively owner-occupied. If you are looking for rent, this is not the best place to go to and this area has one of the lowest real estate vacancy rates in any neighborhood in the US. It is a safe territory with low crime rates and this is definitely a perfect place for students and families with school-aged children.

W Marshall DR / S Carrier PKWY. This is an attractive neighborhood to live in if you are into languages because 1.2% of the residents five years old and above speak Portuguese as their mother tongue at home. This area is dominated by enlisted military personnel, but it is a diversity of people you can find here that make this place amazing. If you decide to move here, you will on average need between 15 and 30 minutes commuting to work one-way.

W Pioneer Pkwy / Gregory Ln. This is another environment which is tremendous for students. It is close to a student campus and even though this area is not large, it is one of the safest areas in Grand Prairie. This area is a moderate-income neighborhood, but it has a higher rate of childhood poverty line than 69.2% of US neighborhoods. You are going to encounter many people who are in manufacturing businesses and laborers, but there are a lot of salespersons as well as people working in restaurants.

These are just some of the numerous neighborhoods in Grand Prairie, and if you want to know more about them or find some other, you can visit.

Things to do in Grand Prairie

Since 1997 Grand Prairie has offered you seven stakes races worth just over $1 million in Lone Star Park. Don’t miss it out on a Memorial Day!

You can also check out the reopened Grand Prairie Park and Recreation committee.

Numerous concerts and other events throughout the year are held in The Theatre at Grand Prairie. There is also the historic Uptown Theatre.

Prairie Lights is a 2-mile-long seasonal display, featuring more than three million lights on more than 500 lighted displays. Santa’s elves, snowmen, reindeer, angels, penguins, stars, lollipops and the world’s longest tunnel of lights are just a few of the displays showcased during the 40-day event. It also offers a unique out-of-car experience in Holiday Village midway through the drive with concessions, carousel rides, Santa’s Store for shopping, and photos with Santa on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

On weekends from 7 AM you can check out the Texas’ largest flea market.

There are also many parks and outdoors places here, as well as one of the largest indoor waterparks in Texas – Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark.


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