12 reasons on why you should choose a professional moving company for your move!

Local moving might seem like a piece of cake until you try to relocate by yourself. Once you do, you will see how much planning and organizing it requires. No matter how far or close you are planning to move, you will need a few tips and tricks in order to have a smooth and stress free relocation. Lucky for you, we can help you out! 

  1. Have a notebook dedicated to your local move

The best thing you can do when planning a relocation is to have a notebook that will be there for all the information and planning that your local move requires. There are multiple to-do lists and you should write down every movers and packers Dallas that you come across in order to compare them. One is sure, moving is not a good time to test your memory. 

  1. Do a proper research

Before you jump in and book your movers in Dallas, you should do a therril research. Unfortunately, not all the moving companies you see are insured or licensed, so you should be extra careful. Ask about hidden fees or additional charges in order to plan your move accordingly. 

  1. Set your budget

Of course, even before you call local moving companies, you have a budget in mind, but only when you gather a few quotes you can decide realistically. Our advice is not to hire the cheapest moving company because there will probably be something unexpected. Take your time, be patient and call at least 5 movers to help you out. 

  1. Hire a local moving company to help you out

Once you collect all the information, it is time for a big decision! As soon as you decide which local movers are suitable for your moving needs, you should book them. If you wait, there is a big possibility that they will lose a spot for your preferred moving date and you will have to settle for another one or for some other moving company. 

  1. Start packing in time

Oh we know, no one likes packing, but it is something that needs to be done. First option that you have is to hire your local moving company to help you with packing too. If that is not the case, you should start packing ahead of time because you don’t want to stress out about not being able to finish packing before the movers arrive. Start with the least used rooms and leave the ones you are using daily for the end. 

  1. Label all the boxes

Packing might get messy, but that is not a reason to forget labeling your boxes. It will help you a lot when it comes to unpacking. You should also add notes for the movers, such as ‘fragile’, ‘this side up’ and similar. It will ease up the moving process and also you will ensure the safety of your belongings. 

  1. Decluter 

Moving is an ideal moment to get rid of all unwanted items that you collected throughout the years. Go through your belongings and decide what you want to donate, sell or giveaway. After you decide, you can simply take your items to Goodwill or organize a garage sale.

  1. Essential box/bag

On your moving day, you will need some things for sure, such as water, phone charger, maybe some snacks… So you should have a box or bag that is packed with essentials. Pack everything that you might need on a moving day and your first day or night in your new home. In case you finish your move late, you won’t have to go through a bunch of boxes to see where your sheets are and similar. 

  1. Keep your valuables close

Even if you have found the best furniture movers in Dallas, you should keep your valuables close to you. It is not worth a risk. No one will steal your belongings, but during the move some things might be left behind or who knows what can happen. So all the jewelry and documents should be by your side during the move, just in case.

  1. Make a layout of your new home before you get there

Before you get to your new home, you should plan a layout so you don’t waste your time and nerves on a moving day relocating everything from one corner to the other one. On the other hand, most of the moving companies are charging the hourly rates for their moving services, so we believe you don’t want to pay someone to arrange your furniture when you could plan it ahead. 

  1. Set your utilities

Since the first moment you get to your new home, you want to feel settled and cozy, so you should set your utilities early if possible. This way you won’t have to run around setting a bunch of things when you move in. 

  1. One last walkthrough

Before you leave your old home for good, make sure to do a final walkthrough. This way you can say goodbye to your old home, but not just that, you will be able to check if your movers loaded everything. Sometimes, they may leave behind something by accident. Also, check all cabinets and drawers one last time to check if you have packed everything. 

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