Things to do in Seagoville

There are some good spots in Seagoville for recreational activities. One of its residents’ favorite park is Bearden Park, which features baseball and softball playing fields. Seasonal League tournaments are held here.

Seagoville Park is a beautiful park for the whole family fun. It has a great water park and playground section for children. There is a pond with the ducks, which is kids’ favorite place to play.

The restaurant scene in the area consists mainly of fast food restaurants. In case you want to go out for dinner in a good restaurant, you may choose among several delicious ones: Big Al’s Scoreboard grille, a family restaurant, which focuses on food, sport, and fun, or Wings over Seagoville, with grilled chicken on the menu.

You may conclude that there is a lack of attractions within this area, but that is why the way of life here is so calm. When you look for shopping malls, entertainment or nightlife, just go to Dallas. It will take you only a few minutes by bus to come to the DART Buckner station, and in half an hour you may be downtown Dallas. Transportation in Seagoville is well organized by Seagoville Express.

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About Seagoville

Seagoville is a small, affordable and safe community within twenty miles of downtown Dallas. This suburb has easy access to the interstate. The area has plenty of room, and it remains a lovely, quiet, rural oasis, yet close to a metropolis. This community has great potential, due to new housing options in all forms. The median house price is 118,800$. If you are interested in buying a property, and you haven’t bought your perfect home yet, you can choose among many of homes for sale. There are homes for everybody’s pocket, from median condominiums to million dollar houses. Open the following link if you want to take a look at the real estate market in the area of Seagoville:

Compared to the rest of the country, the cost of living, which includes a home price, utilities, groceries, and transportation, is 10% lower than the US average. The population is 16,000. The town has experienced a population growth of 77% since 2000. Recent job growth is positive. Most people are employed in educational services, healthcare, and social assistance, then in management and administrative business, construction industry, etc. If you want to see job opportunities in this area, click on the official Seagoville link:

When it comes to schools in Seagoville, you can choose among five public schools. Their students show great school test scores, which are 20% higher than the national average. Best schools there are Central El School and Seagoville El School. There is one private school: Miss Pat’s. Anyway, it can be said that the town has a good school system, which gives its students an excellent education.

The local businesses there are good, and the customer service is friendly and warm. Most stores are near the center, a huge grocery store, two clothing stores, two hardware stores and one pharmacy store. The general atmosphere is friendly, everybody knows everybody, and they welcome new members in their community. They predict some expansion in future, which would bring more small businesses and more restaurants to develop this area.

Everybody feels safe, and, as the residents say, there is rarely any crime here because their community is too small. It is great to raise kids here since they can play wherever they want. All the neighbours know each other well, spend much time hanging out together and look after each other’s kids.



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