Things to do in Benbrook

The city offers you many spots for recreational activities with hike trails and bike trails by many small lakes, where you may enjoy the beautiful scenery. If you are an outdoor person and you enjoy doing sports outside, Benbrook has great places to do that.

It has good schools and a low crime rate. Benbrook is a beautiful, family-friendly community with its own elementary, middle and high school. Top rated schools here are West Park Elementary School, Benbrook Elementary School, Benbrook Middle School, which are all public schools. There is also a private school Sonshine Ministries Preschool.

In case you want to see some more info of Benbrook, visit the official website of this town:

Benbrook has got some beautiful places to relax and you can spend your free time in some amazing places. One of them is certainly Whitestone Golf Club. It offers quality golf at the affordable price. Here you have eighteen holes in rolling hills, as well as a snack bar to take a break and have some burgers or hot dogs. This golf course is varied, challenging, well-maintained and affordable. It also has a little clubhouse to relax after the game.

You may also decide to spend your free weekend riding a horse and take your kids to Benbrook Stables. The scenic ride on one of their horses will be memorable, both for you and your child. There won’t be a problem if you are not a skilled rider. Staff members will put you on a senior or a slow horse to help you feel safe and comfortable riding it. The riding trail goes from the stables to a lake and back. You will be very impressed with the patience, kindness and outstanding customer service.

If you prefer shopping, you can go to Benbrook Plaza Shopping Center, Hulen Mall or Kohl’s Hulen. Benbrook Plaza includes two separate buildings, which occupy 80,000 square feet. Beside many shops, you can find here a postal service, restaurants, finance and cash advance stores, an insurance agency, automotive service and a tailor.

As you can see, you can find many activities for everyone’s interest in this beautiful, calm and peaceful area.

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Let us give you some info about the area of Benbrook, which may interest your family and you.

About Benbrook

Benbrook is a friendly and quiet little suburb of Dallas. Fort Worth is on the north, and ranches are in the southern area. There is much construction on the roads, and the town is growing rapidly. You can see new housing everywhere.

The population is 22,000. The median household income is 65,000$. According to the real estate market, there are many affordable homes for sale. The median home value is 140,300$.

Here is the link of available property in Benbrook. There are 78 homes for sale at the moment:

The town is very safe and full of friendly and attentive people. If you look for a quiet and peaceful life, Benbrook is a perfect place to move. Its residents enjoy a simple, stress-free and country-style living.

The cost of living, which includes home prices, utilities, groceries, health care and transportation, is 2 % lower than the US average, which is another thing on a pro list to decide to settle here.

There are no problems with the crime and officers are always around to make sure that everything is all right, so everybody feels very safe. The economy is good in the whole area, and there are many jobs available, due to lots of new development. There are new businesses, grocery stores, and restaurants, and everything is close for the residents’ convenience.

It is a great town to raise a family, but also a beautiful place for living if you are retired and look for peace.



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